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Thank YOU!

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Here’s hoping you enjoy a wonderful serving of family and friends during this Thanksgiving holiday!

We all have many things to be thankful for if we only take a few moments to truly appreciate what we’ve been given, and what we have gained through hard work.

Everyone at The Rainmaker Institute joins me in sending Happy Thanksgiving wishes your way!



3 Ways to Reinvigorate Referral Relationships

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3 Ways to Reinvigorate Referral RelationshipsWhat have you done in the past three months to build relationships with potential referral partners?  Here are the three ways to help you develop strong referral relationships:

1.  Take An Active Role

There is an old saying that “to have a friend, you must first be a friend.” Don’t wait for someone to take the initiative to contact you – be the first to reach out. In the last few years we have coached and trained thousands of attorneys and the ones who are the best rainmakers are the ones who make at least 3-4 contacts with potential referral sources every week.

Take a few minutes and scan your contact list. Select 15 to 20 names of potential or current referral sources and send them an email or better yet, pick up the phone and call them with an invitation to lunch or coffee. Set a goal of having three face-to-face meetings per week for the next month.

2.  Increase the Frequency of Your Contact

Try as we might, it’s difficult with our hectic schedules to meet with every potential referral source on a regular basis. Here’s one strategy I teach lawyers: Set up a Google Alert for a specific phrase that would be of interest to your referral sources. When one you think will hit your contact’s hot button hits your Inbox, forward it to him or her with a personal note.

Several of my clients have doubled and tripled their referrals in six months using this simple technique to stay in front of their referral sources on a frequent basis. You can set up a Google Alert at

3.  Focus on Serving, Not Selling

When you meet with referral sources, don’t make the mistake of dominating the conversation. You are there to listen.  Any attempt to “sell” them on your services will be a complete waste of your time and theirs. Look for ways you can serve them and their clients by connecting them with other resources or pointing them in the right direction regarding a legal issue. Ask a lot of questions about their business.

Educate them about your Ideal Target Market and how you can benefit their clients only after you have carefully listened to them.

Attorneys who want to become top Rainmakers don’t wait for someone to knock on the door, for the phone to ring or for the referrals to come in. They take the initiative, stay in touch, and focus on serving their referral sources.


7 Steps to Double Your Online Leads

Posted in Lead Generation for Law Firms

7 Steps to Double Your Online LeadsAre your online leads growing or slowing? If they have either plateaued or bottomed out, you need to scrutinize what you’re doing wrong before investing any more money in your online marketing.

One reason for a stagnant lead pool is making the common mistake of treating your website like an online brochure. Here are 7 steps you need to take to turn your website into a lead generation machine that can double your online leads:

  1. Improve onsite optimization.

If you don’t know SEO, then this is definitely something you need to farm out. Your title tags should reflect what each page’s content is about and each one should be unique to the content on that page. Have page headers (i.e., “Phoenix Car Accident Attorney”) that represent each page’s content, as Google will pull that up in search results. Have meta descriptions that motivate prospects to click on your link in search results. Pay attention to your URL structure and be sure the terms in the URL represent the focus of each page on your website.

  1. Strengthen your content.

When it comes to content, more is better and better is better. So what is good quality content? It all depends on your user. What is your prospective client going online to find? Probably not a laundry list of your accomplishments (although you do want that too). They are looking for usable information that is relevant to their situation. FAQs are a great way to accomplish this, with quick links to even more detailed content on that particular subject. For example, if you are a personal injury attorney, you will want to have content for every type of accident your prospects are likely to encounter — car, truck, bicycle, motorcycle, pedestrian, etc.

  1. Market like a publisher.

Did you know that you could hang just about everything you do on the Internet (marketing-wise) to a great blog? A blog is the best way for lawyers to establish their credibility and build an online reputation that will help draw potential clients to you. Here’s how it works:

  • Create a blog on your website
  • Post to it 3-5 times per week with relevant, original content
  • Link your blog posts to your social media profiles and pages
  • Watch your traffic and search results improve
  1. Offer a great mobile experience.

Mobile platforms have now surpassed desktop computers in terms of where consumers access online content. And if you do not have a website that is optimized for mobile, then you are letting leads fall through your fingers.

Consumer attorneys especially need to have mobile websites, since it is far more likely your services will be needed when a mobile device is the only convenient one at hand.  Research shows that 40% of mobile searches are local, and 81% of those searches lead to action — a phone call or email to your firm.

  1. Improve your Local Search.

Local search is becoming increasingly important when trying to improve the ranking for your law firm website on Google and other search engines. After all, someone searching for an attorney in Scottsdale will not care about a lawyer in Scarsdale…and Google knows that. Google is all about delivering relevant search results to its users…hence, the importance of doing whatever you can to rank well for local search.

  1. Update your photography and improve your bio page.

Every attorney on your website should have a current photo; to make the quality consistent, I recommend you have custom photography taken. Consider making it unique by having more casual shots taken outdoors at local landmarks people will recognize.   Make your bio a narrative, not a resume. Frankly, your prospect doesn’t care where you want to law school or that you were on the rowing team — leave that for the end of the bio. And always include videos on your site! This gives prospects a true feel for what it’s like to do business with you.

  1. Make it easy to contact you.

On every page of your website you should have three ways for people to contact you: your phone number prominently displayed at the top of your site (in the header), a contact form that people can fill out that asks for their name, email or phone and a Comments box, and a Live Chat function that allows a prospect to chat online with someone immediately. Our clients tell us some of their best and hottest leads are chat leads and many are converting into good cases.

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21 Ways to Turbocharge Your Lead Generation Efforts

Posted in Lead Generation for Law Firms

With all the options available to you today to generate leads for your law firm, one of the cheapest and most effective is email marketing.  However, if you don’t have a great list of clients and prospects to send those emails to, there’s no way your email marketing efforts will be productive.

The best email lists contain the names of people you have already done business with or who have had some type of interaction with you.  These are much more preferable to paid lists since the people you are emailing to already know you — your emails are not a “cold call.”

So how do you keep adding to your email list to expand your pool of leads? This infographic from ELIV8 shows you 21 proven ways to grow your email list and maximize your lead generation efforts:

21 Ways to Turbocharge Your Lead Generation Efforts


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3 Steps Law Firms Can Take to Cut Client Losses

Posted in Business Development for Law Firms, Law Firm Marketing

Even the most successful law firms suffer client losses. There will always be a few clients who go away for very good reasons, but what about those clients that go away for no clearly discernable reason? If you’re honest, you’ll admit this happens more often than you’d like.

Here are three steps your firm can take to cut client losses:

  1. Don’t forget about clients once they sign on.

This is so common that United Airlines made a pretty famous TV commercial about it:

Believe it or not, that commercial was made 25 years ago — it’s no longer running, but the mistake it highlights is still going on: forgetting about your clients once they become clients. Today, it is not enough to simply provide good service. Your clients expect you to provide exceptional service, and that means keeping in touch with them so they know they are top-of-mind with you.

  1. Keep clients updated and educated.

The #1 complaint clients make to bar associations is lack of communication from their attorneys. But really, you need to go above and beyond just keeping clients informed about the progress of their cases. You need to proactively educate them on events or changes in the law that could affect them. Hold seminars or webinars on relevant topics of interest. Find every opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and your usefulness.

  1. Tout your results.

Your clients are likely as busy as you are and the great job you are doing for them is likely not always on their radar. They don’t see you every day, maybe not even once a month. You need to tell your clients regularly the results they are getting from working with you. If there are other services you provide and that they could benefit from but are not currently using, let them know what benefits they could get from using those other services. Take your clients to lunch or dinner on a regularly scheduled basis to share those results and to affirm that the direction you are leading them is where they want (or need) to go.

When you look out for your clients properly, you are really looking out for the long-term success of your law firm. Take care of your clients, and they will take care of you. It really can be that simple.

H/t to Maximize Business Marketing Blog


Best Practices for Creating Landing Pages That Convert

Posted in Law Firm Marketing

A Guide to Creating Landing Pages That ConvertLanding pages — dedicated web pages that a visitor to your website, blog, social media post or e-newsletter is guided to after clicking on a link — are critical when it comes to converting those visitors into qualified leads.

If you have been directing traffic to the home page of your website, you are missing a big opportunity to capture more leads. Landing pages have been proven to more than double conversion rates when compared with website home pages. This is because they are created specifically for converting leads, featuring specialized content and offers that appeal to a targeted audience.

To make your landing pages pay, you need to know the basics about how to create a highly effective landing page.  Here are 10 steps you need to take in developing landing pages for your law firm:

  1. Have a singular goal.  You want your landing page to do just one job for you — get the visitor to download that free report, sign up for a seminar, subscribe to your newsletter, etc.  Don’t clutter them up with multiple offers.  One page.  One job.
  2. Use a single, relevant visual.  Choose an illustration or photo that is relevant to your offer.
  3. No false endorsements.  Don’t create false endorsements for your offer.  Avoid cheesy endorsement copy that turns visitors off.
  4. Use simple design.  Keep your design simple with minimal, impactful copy that consists of a headline, subhead and bullet points that make the content easy to scan.
  5. Quick load.  Be sure your landing page loads quickly; you only have a few seconds for it to pop up or your visitor will lose interest and click off.
  6. Compelling copy.  The worse thing you can do is bore your visitor.  Your copy needs to be readable, believable and lead the visitor quickly to your ultimate goal.
  7. Eyes on the prize.  Write and design your land page with your singular goal in mind.  Do not clutter the content with irrelevant prose.
  8. Inform and educate.  Don’t waste the visitor’s time by not delivering anything of benefit.  And don’t ask for too much information — a name and an email address should be sufficient.
  9. Be truthful.  If you have actual testimonials that would be appropriate, use them but be sure you are not making any false promises or guarantees.
  10. Provide value.  Make it clear what the value and benefits of redeeming your offer will provide to your visitor.  If they are entrusting you with their information, you need to let them know it is a fair exchange for what you are providing with the offer.


Free Webinar: How to Develop Zealot Clients from Hello

Developing “zealot” clients – those who won’t be pried from your firm for love and money and who are the first to refer your services to others – begins at “hello.”

Now you can learn techniques and strategies to quickly build those important, lasting relationships with clients by watching this free webinar – How to Develop Zealot Clients From Hello.

During this free one-hour webinar, you will learn:

  • How to quickly cement your relationship with new prospects
  • How to control calls and advance the intake without being overbearing or pushy
  • How to gain commitment from callers and secure the intake
  • A simple naval tactic from the 1800′s and why it is vital to the success of your intake
  • The truth about compassion fatigue and how it will impact your conversion
  • Simple techniques to improve your tone, voice, inflection and delivery while you’re on the phone with prospective clients
  • A linked sequential process to maximize every inquiry opportunity
  • And much more!

Who should watch?  Intake specialists, receptionists, client liaisons, investigators, attorneys and managing partners who want to learn how to drastically improve conversion through intake.

Sign up online now for immediate access to this free one-hour webinar at any time.


A Dozen Do’s & Don’ts for Marketing Your Law Firm on Facebook

Posted in Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

Earlier today, one of my favorite marketing blogs, HubSpot, posted a great infographic with a dozen Do’s and Don’ts for using Facebook to market your law firm.

According to Shareaholic research, social media now drives more traffic (31.2%) to the websites of people and organizations that post on social media sites than any other channel, including search. Facebook dwarfs all other social networks for driving that traffic, accounting for 25% of all website traffic coming from social media!

For solos and small firms, the goal of social media is lead generation and business development, pure and simple. How you get there is by building targeted relationships, providing solid content, and consistently adding value. Attorneys we have worked with at The Rainmaker Institute regularly receive 100-250 new leads every month just from efforts online and via social media.

In addition, a lot of new business connections occur on Facebook from people you used to know – old high school or college friends that you connect with on Facebook and then educate them naturally on what you do now.  In that sense, approaching Facebook as a referral source cultivation opportunity could be a mindset that will pay you big dividends in the future.

Whatever you plan to gain through your social media efforts, making sure you understand the platform and crafting your page to provide you with the most value is key to achieving the results you want.  Look over this list of Do’s and Don’ts for doing business on Facebook and compare with your law firm’s Facebook efforts to see if there is room for improvement:




How to Take Your Law Firm to the Next Level

Posted in Law Firm Development, Law Firm Management, Law Firm Marketing, Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp

How to Take Your Legal Practice to the Next LevelWill 2016 be the year you take your law firm to the next level in terms of new clients and new revenue? Will you do what it takes to improve your intake so the leads that are already coming in are not wasted but are instead converted into actual paying clients?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then the best place to start is at a Rainmaker Retreat. We have just finished scheduled the following sessions for the first half of 2016:

*This special Wednesday-Thursday Rainmaker Retreat will directly follow the 2016 National Trial Lawyers Summit on Feb. 7-9, 2016 at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel.

Many attorneys fail to recognize that the business of law is much more than just the practice of law. This is not surprising, since the business side of the law is not taught in law schools. The purpose of the Rainmaker Retreat is to teach solos and small firms how to succeed at the business of law.

“As attorneys, we are focused on the daily grind that comes with our profession.  This retreat forces you to stop and take a serious look at the business.  After all, we all want to retire someday.  This retreat is invaluable.” – T.J. Roberts, Associate, Family/Criminal Defense, Angleton, TX

“This is the absolute best seminar I have attended in 37 years.  Stephen is direct and clear in defining what needs to be done to succeed.  He knows lawyer marketing and has many personal results from successful lawyers all over the country.  I am on board to be one of them.  Thank you Stephen!” – T. Blackburn, Partner, Personal Injury, Fort Wayne, IN

“The most straight forward, no nonsense marketing seminar I have yet attended.  Colorful, memorable, practical advice, including explanations of the mysteries of the Internet.”- B. Cook, Solo, Personal Injury, Anchorage, AK

“I was already doing a lot of social media and so I was looking for a few nuggets.  Stephen gave us a map to a virtually untouched goldmine.” – S. Garner, Solo, Personal Injury, Bremen, GA

If you take advantage of the Early Bird registration for any of these Rainmaker Retreats, you will pay only $697 for the entire two-day seminar — $300 off the regular price. If, after the first day you feel that you haven’t received value more than equal to what you have paid to attend, just let me know and you will receive a full refund – no questions asked.

You can register online for a Rainmaker Retreat or call 888-588-5891 for more information.  National Trial Lawyers members receive a discount. Please contact National Trial Lawyers at 866-665-2852 to receive the discount code.

If you want to get a jump on 2016, we have a couple of seats left for our final 2015 Rainmaker Retreat next month in Los Angeles on December 4-5, 2015, at The Ritz-Carlton, Marina Del Ray. Early Bird registration is open until November 23, 2015.

Rainmaker Blog is SmallLaw Pick of the Week

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smalllawSmallLaw, a popular email newsletter for solo practitioners and those who manage and work in small law firms, reviews hundreds of articles published every week. From these articles, they select one as their SmallLaw Pick of the Week — something they feel is a must-read for this audience.

My recent post here on The Rainmaker Blog entitled, New Benchmarks for Law Firm Email Newsletter Performance is the latest recipient of the SmallLaw Pick of the Week award.

This is especially gratifying since, as the editors note:

Many awards given out these days are meaningless because marketing can play a role in determining who wins. By contrast, those who win our SmallLaw Pick of the Week award don’t even know they’re in the running and cannot influence our editorial team. We think this makes the award meaningful.

SmallLaw provides free subscriptions to a variety of newsletters on law firm management, marketing and technology for solos and small firms. The articles are written by successful small firm founders, managing partners and administrators as well as legal technology and practice management experts. There are also comprehensive reviews of legal products as well as links to other articles, videos and podcasts about solo practices and small law firms.

Lots of good stuff there. Just click on this SmallLaw link to subscribe.

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