You may have heard that, in connection with the WikiLeaks release of classified government documents, the courts are allowing the government to collect personal account information from Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites.

The courts reason that since social media account holders willingly give up information by posting it online, their posts or tweets are not protected by the First Amendment or privacy rights. 

Another reminder that when it comes to social media, one cannot have a realistic expectation of privacy – and, as divorce attorneys have learned, what is posted can be used against you. 

In other words, if you have “put it out there” on the Internet, it is out there…. and it’s not private or protected.

Which is exactly why attorneys should be using social media and blogging – to get yourself out there!

Of course, there are rules – ethics rules, for one, and rules to follow when engaging in social media that will enhance your reputation, not detract from it. 

A growing number of attorneys are outsourcing their blogging efforts and social media campaigns to organizations like ours (full disclosure: we have a program for attorneys to manage their blog and social media). When you outsource, you can focus on end results, not the process and hopefully you will be working with professionals who do this for a living. It’s not just another item on their to-do list, it is the very service you are paying them to provide for your firm.

When you interview an outsourced legal marketing company, be sure they meet these 5 criteria:

  • They can point to other attorneys they work with;
  • They have a written blueprint for how they intend to generate leads for your law firm;
  • They clearly integrate blogs and social media and see one as an extension of the other;
  • They charge a flat fee that’s reasonable based on results;
  • They have clearly identified strategies to track and measure actual results from your blog and social media. Having a written guarantee of results is even better.


Stop Wasting Precious Time and Money

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