10 Ways to Get More Eyeballs on Your BlogGetting a sustainable source of traffic for your blog is a challenge for every blogger, and takes a concerted effort over time to build an audience.

Market research tells us that there are some very effective tactics you can use on your website and blog — as well as in your e-newsletter — to get more subscribers for your blog. Here are 10 of them:

Home Page Opt-in Form. Place at least one opt-in form on your home page in a prominent location that asks readers to sign up.

Great Offer. Make a compelling offer of a free report or e-book that visitors to your blog can download by providing you with their email address.

Blog Opt-In Form. Place another opt-in form at the end of each blog post and in the sidebar.

Dedicated Landing Page. Have a landing page on your site that is dedicated solely to collecting new blog subscribers. This content for this page will be your offer of a free e-book or report and will include a “Subscribe Now” box for your e-newsletter.

Call-to-Action. Have a crystal-clear call-to-action that gently nudges visitors to sign up.

Fewer fields. The most successful opt-in forms are those with the fewest fields. Use no more than three — first name, last name and email.

About Page Opt-In Form. The “About” page is one of the most visited pages, so having an opt-in form on this page can convert some of those visitors to subscribers.

Popups and Sliders. Having a popup or slide-in form can increase sign-ups significantly.

Testing. Test headlines and calls-to-action to see which words or phrases resonate with your target audience.

Social Media. Pitch your blog and e-newsletter to followers on your social media pages.

Some of these will perform better for you than others, so keep testing and tweaking until you strike the right balance that interests your prospects enough to sign up.

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