Tips for Law Firm Marketing in Dismal Times

No doubt about it, times are hard. The downturn in the economy has affected everyone from homeowners to corporate leaders. Attorneys, law firms and law firm marketing teams have also felt the pinch. Law firm marketing teams must find different ways to encourage marketing endeavors that not only create effective strategies, but also decrease waste. Larry Bodine writes for the Law Marketing Portal and offers suggestions for how law firm marketing teams can thrive in a recession.

For starters, he suggests law firm marketing teams embrace changes and take closer looks at their core strategies. Are they still relevant for the new century, or were they developed 5, 10, or 15 years ago? Law firm marketing professionals are encouraged to take a close look at clients, as well as services to assess the effect of strategies currently in place. According to Bodine, "Law firms should fire low margin, low fee, nonstrategic clients, include business development activity and results in every lawyer's performance review, shut down unprofitable practice areas, even if they generate revenue, and close unproductive offices." This may sound severe, but in today's economy, it may very well mean the difference between success and failure, and the ultimate survival of law firm marketing.


In addition, Bodine suggests that law firm marketing professionals define responsibilities, define partner roles, and increase accountability for each. Strategic marketing, Bodine says, means marketing smarter. Law firm marketing teams must be able to meet the challenges of a shaky economy in order to survive.

New Approaches to Legal Marketing

When it comes to legal marketing, lawyers today understand the essentials of communicating with clients. Unfortunately, many attorneys forget that their clients are everyday people who don't understand legal jargon, concepts, and the intricacies of case law. In order to help provide greater understanding and credibility, legal marketing teams are encouraging law firms to adopt "storytelling" to help bring a human face to the legal industry.

Legal marketing professionals know this concept works exceptionally well for female lawyers. In addition, by suggesting that attorneys add flexible work hours to their business strategies, legal marketing teams are seeing an increase in client satisfaction, which benefits everyone. Initiatives from Flex-Time Lawyers and Working Mother offer a "more balanced solution" to both legal professionals and their clients through this method.

Legal marketing teams encourage expressing compassion and care to address the needs of today's society. As such, both male and female attorneys are encouraged by legal marketing experts to communicate through "stories" to increase greater understanding of legal issues as well as a sense of emotional attachment and concern.

These "stories" are actual case studies through which legal marketing teams and lawyers share with potential or existing clients other scenarios or examples of individuals who benefited from various legal services. Writes Paramjit Mahli, of Sun Communications Group, stories serve to "inspire, motivate and persuade" an audience to take action. Legal marketing experts encourage all law firms to buff up their communication skills to increase client loyalty, satisfaction and happiness.

Using Proven Legal Marketing Strategies to be the Lawyer you always wanted to be

Solo by Choice: How to be the lawyer you always wanted to be,by Carolyn Elefant, offers a lot of great legal marketing advice. The 300-page book offers legal marketing counsel beginning with the basics; such as tips on deciding if you want to remain a solo practitioner or expand your practice. Other interesting topics include: “legal marketing makes you a better lawyer’ and “law firm marketing gives you more control over your practice”. 


Sometimes Elefant points out the obvious, “The law is as much a business as it is a profession”; even then, though the author doles out good legal marketing advice.   When attorneys keep uppermost in their minds that they are, indeed, running a business, they will be unlikely to overlook the vast importance of legal marketing.   The author talks openly about the importance of building a client-centered practice and her tips on developing a good “bedside manner” are worth following. Most legal marketing professionals know much of this information, but sometimes forget to put it into practice. Tips include:


  • Listen
  • Explain
  • Don’t nickel and dime
  • Be responsive
  • Show interest
  • Thank clients for their cooperation.

This may seem like rudimentary legal marketing advice, but how often do attorneys forget to stick to the basics?


The book is a ‘good read’ and provides nuggets of proven law firm marketing strategies throughout. Elefant writes about the importance of focusing on the client’s needs rather than your own and offers insightful examples of how this basic legal marketing technique can lead to your firm’s increasing success.

Featured Speakers - California's First Annual Small and Solo Law Firm Marketing Conference

Attendees at the Small and Solo Law Firm Conference were treated to a number of fine speakers; all specialists in California law and law firm marketing. The two-day event was held June 26-27, 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Conference, which was held in conjunction with the LACBA (Los Angeles Bar Association), offered more than twenty business development and law firm marketing strategy sessions.   Among the featured speakers were:


John Bisnar shared law firm marketing strategies that he used to build one of the leading personal injury law firms in Southern California. Learn more about how John achieved his extraordinary success when you visit the Bisnar/Chase Law Firm’s website.




Bob Brennan isa leading consumer attorney in Los Angeles and the California Spokesperson for the National Association of Consumer Attorneys. Brennan helped attendees to law firm marketing strategies in which lawyers can build a network of referral sources from their everyday contacts. Bob’s practice specializes in identify theft and consumer fraud issues, such as lemon law. To learn more about Bob or his practice, kindly visit Brennan, Wiener & Associates’ website.


Derrick Coleman is a highly-successful commercial litigation attorney with the firm Coleman Frost LLP in Santa Monica. Coleman instructed practitioners in how to transform their practices into profitable businesses by implementing proven law firm marketing strategies. Find out more about Derrick Coleman by visiting Coleman Frost LLP’s website. 



The conference would not have been a success without co-sponsor, LACBA. The Los Angeles County Bar is one of the nation’s largest voluntary bars. With more than 25,000 members, over 100 committees and sections, and a score of public service projects, the association provides exceptional career resources for attorneys, an effective voice for the legal profession and vital services to the community.

Space constraints will not allow us to list all of our talented speakers and our law firm marketing experts; we do offer each of them our deepest thanks for their invaluable contributions.

Successful Beyond Expectations - First Annual Small Firm and Solo Conference

I am delighted to report that the First Annual Small Firm and Solo Conference (held last week in Los Angeles) was a huge success! Attendees came from far and wide; bringing with them enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn about business development for law firms and legal marketing strategies to maximize their law firm marketing success.

Expectations were high and the conference delivered the latest and most effective law firm marketing techniques and business development for law firms. Professional advice from featured speakers, along with invaluable idea interchange amongst attendees provided an electrifying atmosphere.

Some of the feedback we received included:

Charles Park, of Torrence, CA shared “This has been an extremely helpful seminar! I have never received so much useful and new information at one time before. I’m very excited.”

Ana Radisic (of Palm Desert, CA) chimed in “This conference exceeded my high expectations. I expected to find one or two tips, but I walked away with so many! I can’t wait to implement them.”

Demetria Graves from Glendale stated “Before I came today I was totally lost in terms of my marketing plan. I am now clear of where I am going and what I need to do! Thank you so much!”

To our talented speakers and to each and every attendee, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks for your participation. We have already begun planning next year’s conference; which we are certain will offer you even more tips for business development for law firms and new law firm marketing strategies.

For information about upcoming events and to learn more about marketing for attorneys and how you can take your law firm into “seven-figure territory”, please visit us at The Rainmaker Institute’s website.

A Successful Ground-Breaking Event For Legal Professionals

Excitement continues to build even after the First Annual Small Firm and Solo Conference was held. This ground-breaking event took place over 2 days (June 26-27, 2008) at the Los Angeles Convention center in Los Angeles, California.   The conference was focused on providing small or solo law firms with the latest, most productive law firm marketing strategies.

Sponsored by the Los Angeles County Bar Association and The Rainmaker Institute, LLC – in conjunction with LegalTech – attendees learned from the best of the best about law firm marketing. National law firm marketing experts, along with successful attorneys, provided specific guidelines to help legal professionals to find new clients and to build their firms into seven-figure practices.

I was honored to be a guest speaker at the conference.“This conference will help them (small and solo law firms) build their practice using proven, ethical law firm marketing strategies”. More than 6,000 attorneys have already implemented The Rainmaker Marketing System; reporting spectacular results that far exceeded their initial expectations.

Among the many law firm marketing topics discussed during the two-day event were: How to build a referral-based practice; how to use internet marketing and technology to your best advantage, the latest law trends, along with how attorneys can successfully use blogs and LinkedIn to find new clients.

For more detailed information on The Rainmaker Institute and its law firm marketing services, please call 888.588.5891 or visit The Rainmaker Institute’s website.

Take Your Firm to the Next Level With Legal Marketing Advice - Mark Your Calendars for Next Year

The First Annual Small Firm and Solo Conference was held just a week ago in the city of Los Angeles, California. Held on June 26-27, 2008, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, lawyers from all over attended and gained a lot of knowledge in legal marketing.  

Prominent California attorneys teamed up with nationally recognized legal marketing experts to share the latest ideas, techniques and technology.   Like all businesses dealing with the struggling economy, small and solo firms (actually, firms of all sizes) benefited greatly by getting a jump on the competition using legal marketing strategies.

Sponsored by the Los Angeles County Bar Association and The Rainmaker Institute, LLC, in conjunction with LegalTech, the conference attracted attorneys from every corner of the United States. The two-day event was undoubtedly time well-spent for legal professionals, because they gained a great amount of legal marketing strategies.

Legal marketing topics discussed included: Building a referral-based practice, including how to generate more and better referrals and how to use internet technology to your best advantage for legal marketing. This, of course, is just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to the quality and quantity of diverse legal marketing topics that were covered in detail at the conference.

The Rainmaker Institute, LLC,, legal marketing experts, was proud to be among the sponsors and presenters at this important event.   Already the nation’s largest and most successful law firm marketing company for small law firms, we are working with more than 6,000 attorneys – achieving amazing results!

To learn more about our proven legal marketing system or about any of our products or services, call 888.588.5891 or visit The Rainmaker Institute’s website.


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Attorneys from small and solo law firms in the State of California gathered at the First Annual Small Firm and Solo Conference, June 26-27, 2008 to learn more about law firm marketing.   This first ever state conference was hosted by the Los Angeles County Bar Association and The Rainmaker Institute, LLC (in conjunction with LegalTech), and held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles was chosen as the site of the first conference largely because there are more attorneys in California than in any other state. The national average is one attorney for every 300 people; in California it is one attorney for every 175 people.  This conference provided an abundant amount of law firm marketing information. 

Legal professionals from across the country shared invaluable law firm marketing strategies and keys to business development.   The Rainmaker Institute, the country’s leading (and largest) marketing law firm has already worked with more than 6,000 attorneys. These attorneys, having implemented The Rainmaker Marketing System, have reported great success in law firm marketing strategies such as the amount of referrals generated and the quality of those referrals. Many firms are well on the path to joining the “seven figure club”.

Conference attendees were exposed to cutting-edge ideas by many of the finest minds in the business. Highly successful attorneys and law firm marketing experts joined together to share the newest, boldest and best techniques. Aimed at aiding the small or solo law firm, firms of all sizes can certainly benefit from the expertise which will be on hand. Such expertise is John Bisnar JD, the founder of the Bisnar Chase law firm, one of the leading personal injury law firms in southern California. 

For more information on on law firm marketing and The Rainmaker Marketing System, please call 888.588.5891 or visit The Rainmaker Institute’s website.