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Independence Day Special: 14-Day Trial of Rainmaker Retreat 2.0!

Posted in Internet Marketing for Lawyers, Law Firm Marketing, Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp
The Rainmaker Institute’s Rainmaker Retreat is a powerful 2-day law firm marketing boot camp that has helped thousands of attorneys transform their practices into “lifestyle law firms.” We realize that not everyone is able to attend the live Rainmaker Retreat, so we’re making a live recording of this seminar available to you now to watch… Continue Reading

Asked & Answered: What Attorneys Need to Know About Referrals, Testimonials, Social Media, Online Marketing and More (Part 1)

Posted in Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp
At every Rainmaker Retreat – our two-day law firm marketing seminar – I answer a lot of questions that are top-of-mind for attorneys across the country. And it’s probably more than likely what is on the minds of those attorneys is on your mind as well. I’ve compiled some of the most common questions from our… Continue Reading

Revealing — and Universally Relevant — Questions from a Rainmaker Retreat

Posted in Law Firm Development, Law Firm Management, Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp
One of the most engaging sessions we have at each Rainmaker Retreat is when I open the room up for questions. This is one of my favorite parts of the program since I learn so much about our attendees’ practices from the questions posed. Here are some recent examples: Q: I’ve hired people to write… Continue Reading

Your 2016 Law Practice Resolution: Do Things Differently

Posted in Law Firm Development, Law Firm Marketing, Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp
Is your law practice letting you down? Not enough clients? Revenues stagnating or going south? Spending too much time on building frustration rather than building your business? Then consider this: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. I don’t know who said that – it’s been attributed… Continue Reading

Sacrifice Your Sacred Cows to Beef Up Your Bottom Line

Posted in Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp
We all know the old adage, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”  If you find your practice stagnating, maybe it’s time to think about sacrificing some of your “sacred cows” and replacing them with better alternatives. Creative thinking involves breaking out of one pattern in order to create… Continue Reading

Final 2015 Rainmaker Retreats Scheduled for Miami, NYC and L.A.; 50% Off for Early Registration!

Posted in Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp
Would you like to have a plan in place that virtually ensures you will exceed your 2015 revenues next year? Want to learn how top attorneys are doubling their revenues even in a crowded marketplace? What do these attorneys know that you don’t? “This was the most valuable seminar I’ve been to. Stephen is wonderful,… Continue Reading

How to Reinvigorate & Reinvent Your Legal Practice This Summer

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Legal Marketing for Solos, Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp
Do you remember when summer school used to be considered a punishment? I am sure kids still view it that way today, but getting the knowledge that will unequivocally allow you to reinvigorate and reinvent your legal practice should be something worthy of your attention. And it only takes two days! I am, of course, referring… Continue Reading

Market Like a Specialist, Twitter is for Sharing, White Hats & Black Hats Plus Other Insights from the Houston Rainmaker Retreat

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Websites, Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp
Had a great time in Houston last weekend at our Rainmaker Retreat – as you can see from the photo here, the room was full of attorneys from diverse practice areas, all eager to learn the latest in law firm marketing and practice management techniques. We spent a lot of time on social media, and… Continue Reading

Attorneys Share Their Take On The Rainmaker Retreat

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Websites, Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp
More than 8,000 attorneys have learned how to build a robust referral network, attract and retain new clients by applying our proven Rainmaker System to their law firm marketing practices.  Many of these have done so by attending our two-day law firm marketing boot camp, the Rainmaker Retreat. Listen as Jim Hasier, a community banking… Continue Reading

Las Vegas Legal Marketing Rainmaker Retreat Exceeds Expectations!

Posted in Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp
Our latest Rainmaker Retreat has just ended; yet, the positive feedback is already coming in from around the country. Attended by solo and small law firm practitioners, we are pleased to report that attendance surpassed even our highest expectations. As word spreads about the incredible Rainmaker Retreat and our Rainmaker Legal Marketing System, the larger our… Continue Reading

Join us In Las Vegas – July 25-26 at our attorney marketing “boot-camp” Rainmaker Retreat

Posted in Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp
If you have not registered yet for our two-day attorney marketing “boot-camp”, there is still time to do so. Join law firm marketing experts and your fellow attorneys for our Rainmaker Retreat – which will be held at the Treasure Island Hotel. If you are struggling to build your legal practice or want to learn a… Continue Reading