New Rainmaker Retreat Date Added: May 30-31, 2014 in Las Vegas

We’ve just scheduled a new Rainmaker Retreat session for May 30-31, 2014 in Las Vegas, adding this to upcoming events in New York (March 27-28) and San Antonio (April 25-26).

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how much legal marketing information and training attorneys really receive at a Rainmaker Retreat, take a look at what we cover the first day:

SESSION 1: Achieving Expert Status as an Attorney

Position Yourself As A Specialist So You Become The Go-To Attorney

  • 5 proven strategies to position yourself as a specialist
  • Pros and cons of positioning yourself as a generalist and specialist
  • How to ethically position yourself as a specialist
  • How to avoid the most deadly mistake attorneys make
  • 4 solid tactics to position yourself as the “go-to attorney”

Identify Your Ideal Target Market So You Can Retain Ideal Clients

  • 5 incredible strategies to market to your ideal target market
  • 3 reasons why failing to define your target market will COST you big
  • Easy steps to successfully define your ideal target market
  • Step-by-step instructions to create your ideal target market
  • Break-out session to effectively define your ideal target market

Develop a Unique Competitive Advantage So You Can Crush Your Competition

  • 3 proven ways a Unique Competitive Advantage will put you ahead of your competition
  • What is your Unique Competitive Advantage
  • Top 5 ways to powerfully market your unique competitive advantage
  • How to attract top paying clients with your unique competitive advantage every time
  • Breakout session to develop a powerful unique competitive advantage for your firm

SESSION 2: Building a Strategic Referral Network

Business Development Strategies for Attorneys So You Can Grow Your Firm

  • Why it’s crucial to build relationships with other professionals
  • 3 powerful strategies to foster mutually beneficial relationships with referral sources
  • 7 Best practices for building referral partnerships
  • 5 Best practices for handling incoming referrals
  • How to successfully educate potential referral partners to increase your referrals
  • 4 great places to find strategic referral partners
  • 3 questions that allow you to quickly assess your partner’s potential
  • 5 powerful questions to land more referrals than ever before
  • The #1 reason why attorneys don’t receive more referrals and how to overcome it

SESSION 3: Micromanaging The Client Experience

Increase Client Retention & Referrals So You Can Have a Stream Of Qualified Leads

  • 7 Secrets of highly successful attorneys
  • 4 keys to micro-managing the client experience
  • Special touches that ‘wow’ the client
  • 3 specific ways to use the Internet to find more referrals
  • How to build collateral to take the client through the firm’s process
  • 3 easy ways to automate follow up and follow through
  • Client appreciation and why it’s so important
  • 7 strategies to strategically improve the client’s experience

SESSION 4: The Law of 7 Touches

Staying “Front Of Mind” Is a Must If You Want Clients, Referrals & Cash Flow

  • If you aren’t “front of mind” you are forgotten
  • How to effectively stay in contact with prospects, clients and referral partners
  • The power of an “E-Newsletter”
  • Why consistency and frequency are crucial if you want to build a word-of-mouth firm
  • 4 Top strategies to automatically connect with your database
  • Top 3 ways to build a database
  • Top 10 reasons why attorneys don’t think “e-newsletters” work and why they are wrong

SESSION 5: The Nuts & Bolts of Lead Conversion

Turning More Browsers Into Buyers At Every Conversion Stage

  • 5 stages of lead conversion you must improve to build a Lifestyle® Law Firm
  • Over 15 strategies to turn more browsers into buyers
  • 3 follow-up techniques that will set you apart from your competition
  • Discover why you may not need more leads
  • Cutting-edge lead conversion strategies to increase revenues

SESSION 6: The Power of The Internet

Build An Online Presence So You Can Leverage Your Time and Attract More Clients

  • Shocking statistics on how people select an attorney
  • 4 reasons why having a strong online presence is no longer an option
  • What online platforms are best if you are a business-to-consumer attorney
  • What online platforms are best if you are a business-to-business attorney
  • 5 reasons why social media must be part of your marketing strategy
  • What social media platforms are most useful to market your firm
  • Website do’s and don’ts
  • What are the best practices for blogging, videos, social media
  • What is education-based marketing and how can it grow your firm
  • The #1 fastest way to get to the top of Google
  • Cutting-edge email strategies to grow your firm
  • How to leverage social media and gain clients
  • Top traits Google is looking for when ranking your site
  • The changing game of search engines
  • Top 10 deadly mistakes attorneys make with their websites
  • 5 easy ways to make sure your site comes up high for the keywords you want
  • 4 proven ways to drive more traffic to your website

Each Rainmaker Retreat is two full days with 10 informative sessions, all geared toward small firms and solo practitioners to help you learn and use proven legal marketing strategies to get more clients now.

To learn more about the Rainmaker Retreat and what attending one can do for your practice, visit or call us at 888-588-5891.

Market Like a Specialist, Twitter is for Sharing, White Hats & Black Hats Plus Other Insights from the Houston Rainmaker Retreat

Had a great time in Houston last weekend at our Rainmaker Retreat – as you can see from the photo here, the room was full of attorneys from diverse practice areas, all eager to learn the latest in law firm marketing and practice management techniques.

We spent a lot of time on social media, and editor-in-chief Larry Bodine was our special guest speaker. He filled us all in on a few more insights from the recent LexisNexis survey about how consumers find an attorney. I can’t let this cat out of the bag yet, but there’s some great stuff that they’ll be releasing soon, so stay tuned. Suffice it to say, a keen knowledge of social media is gonna do you good.

Here are some comments we got back from the lawyers who joined us in Houston:

“What I did not know about marketing has been killing my practice.”- R. Stample, Solo, SC

“The program is eye-opening.  We’re lawyers, not marketing execs.  This program fills in a huge gap in my business that will let me take control of my firm and my future.”- J. Pace, Partner, TX

“The program was a real eye opener about all the tools out there being used by competitors.”- M. Bridwell, Partner, TX

“I rarely pay attention at seminars or CLE, but I hung on every word that Stephen said at the retreat.”-D. Jones, Solo, TX

“The presentation streamlines a complete law firm marketing strategy plan into a feasible and practical approach that any attorney can immediately implement.”-T. Roberson, Partner, TX

Our upcoming Rainmaker Retreats include:

July 27-28, 2012 – San Francisco, CA

August 24-25, 2012 – Las Vegas, NV

September 14-14, 2012 – Orange County, CA

Go to to register online or learn more. You can also call us at 888-588-5891.


FREE Webinar: How to Attract Clients in Today’s Marketing Jungle

When it comes to law firm marketing, it is truly a jungle out there! Mastering social media, SEO and Internet marketing strategies – and making sure your efforts align with legal marketing rules – can give even the most experienced attorney pause.

In his new one-hour How to Attract Clients in Today’s Marketing Jungle webinar, Stephen Fairley will lead you through the step-by-step actions you should take throughout the course of the next 12 months to substantially increase your revenues. You will learn:

  • How to target market to get your ideal client
  • Why your firm is not getting more referrals and how to change it
  • How to select the right marketing tools that will work for your practice and personality
  • Effective online and offline marketing strategies
  • How to create a financial plan to fund your marketing budget
  • The 5 critical components of a Marketing Action Plan (MAP)
  • 4 ways to create a unique competitive advantage
  • What is critical to have in place today’s hyper-competitive online focused marketplace

This FREE webinar will also give you a preview of the 65 different marketing techniques and strategies taught at our 2-day legal marketing boot camp.

Upcoming webinar dates include:

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Click on this link to register now for the FREE How to Attract Clients in Today’s Marketing Jungle webinar.


Attorneys Share Their Take On The Rainmaker Retreat

More than 8,000 attorneys have learned how to build a robust referral network, attract and retain new clients by applying our proven Rainmaker System to their law firm marketing practices.  Many of these have done so by attending our two-day law firm marketing boot camp, the Rainmaker Retreat.

Listen as Jim Hasier, a community banking attorney in Chicago, talks about his experience at our Chicago Rainmaker Retreat last weekend:

Alabama litigator Clifton Slaton acknowledges that he, like many attorneys, is skeptical about law firm marketing, but what he experienced has changed his viewpoint:

Learn how to build and create a lifestyle law firm that is professionally satisfying, but allows you the time to do what is important to you, by attending an upcoming Rainmaker Retreat:

May 18-19, 2012 – Houston, TX

July 27-28, 2012 – San Francisco, CA

August 24-25, 2012 – Las Vegas, NV

For more information please call: 888-588-5891 or visit


FREE Rainmaker Retreat Preview DVD – Learn Before You Go!

If you want to learn more about the Rainmaker Retreat and why it is a proven legal marketing system that has helped over 8,000 attorneys find more and better clients, then click here to receive a free DVD of your colleagues (and even your competitors) describing their experiences at our 2-day law firm marketing boot camp, the Rainmaker Retreat.

Yes, we know you are skeptical.   So instead of us telling you how these 2 days will transform your business, you can listen to your peers describe their experiences in their own words.
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Las Vegas Legal Marketing Rainmaker Retreat Exceeds Expectations!

Our latest Rainmaker Retreat has just ended; yet, the positive feedback is already coming in from around the country. Attended by solo and small law firm practitioners, we are pleased to report that attendance surpassed even our highest expectations.

As word spreads about the incredible Rainmaker Retreat and our Rainmaker Legal Marketing System, the larger our seminars have become – and we could not be more pleased.



The attendees at Treasure Island Hotel, Las Vegas, NE, this past weekend (July 25-26) all had a couple of things in common:

  • They came with expectations of learning how to take legal marketing to the next level
  • They left with specific guidelines and tips instructing them how to do just that and so much more!

Legal marketing seminars included:

  • Developing, Marketing and Hosting Public and Private Seminars
  • Creating Low Cost Information Products to Promote your Firm
  • Passive vs. Active Legal Marketing
  • Creating a Profile of Your Ideal Target Market
  • Legal Marketing to Current and Former Clients
  • Generating Repeat Business
  • Training your Staff to Manage your Legal Marketing Campaigns

Every legal marketing session included built-in Action Steps and Action Groups which enabled attendees to put these strategies and techniques into practice.   Just two days after the end of our latest Rainmaker Retreat, we are being bombarded with emails and phone calls from attendees who are already using these successful strategies and are eager to put more of them into action.

Join us In Las Vegas - July 25-26 at our attorney marketing "boot-camp" Rainmaker Retreat

If you have not registered yet for our two-day attorney marketing “boot-camp”, there is still time to do so. Join law firm marketing experts and your fellow attorneys for our Rainmaker Retreat – which will be held at the Treasure Island Hotel.

If you are struggling to build your legal practice or want to learn a proven attorney marketing system, you owe it to yourself to attend the Rainmaker Retreat. More than 6,000 attorneys from hundreds of law firms across the country have discovered how to generate more referrals and find new clients fast by applying our Rainmaker System.

This is what attendees of the Retreat have had to say about our attorney marketing "boot-camp":

“It has taken me 30 years of trial & error to learn many of the techniques that I learned in 1 evening! This is an incredibly focused and practical seminar.”

—Michael Pfiefer, Esq,. Managing Partner (Santa Ana, CA)

“This program presents a clear and compelling path to attorney marketing success. These tips on "making rain" will leave you needing an umbrella wherever you go!”

                                                 —Jonathan Pink, JD, Partner (Costa Mesa, CA)

These are just a few of the attorney marketing techniques you will learn:

  • 5 Proven Attorney Marketing Strategies to Get More Attention, Command More Respect and Charge Higher Fees
  • How to Ethically Position Yourself as a Specialist in your Area
  • How to Avoid the Most Deadly Mistake Attorneys Make in Attorney Marketing

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to put your firm on the path to greater success; register today to reserve your place at the Rainmaker Retreat.

We'll Bring the Rainmaker Retreat Directly to You - Experience Our Legal Marketing "Boot Camp"

We eagerly anticipate the upcoming Rainmaker Retreat, which will be held at the Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 25-26, 2008.   There is still space available and you may register online to participate in this two-day legal marketing boot camp for attorneys. If you are unable to join us in Las Vegas, there is no reason to miss out on the invaluable legal marketing information we will be sharing with attorneys from around the country.   Such information will consist of valuable legal marketing tips to expand on your law firm marketing campaign. If you can’t come to us and learn all there is to know about legal marketing, then we will bring the Rainmaker Retreat to you.

You can own “Rainmaker Retreat Live” when you purchase the 6 audio compact disk set, which is accompanied by a downloadable PDF 70-page Legal Marketing Manual. Experience the Rainmaker Retreat on your schedule, at your own pace. You will be inspired, motivated and provided information on legal marketing with the guidance to make your practice all that you know it can be.

This live recording of our highly successful two-day legal marketing seminar features speakers Stephen Fairley – CEO, and Travis Greenlee – President, of the Rainmaker Institute. Among the many things you will learn:

  • More than 22 proven legal marketing strategies to attract more and better clients
  • How to create powerful relationships with over 30 new Referral Sources in the next 90 days
  • 5 Ways to automate your legal marketing using technology and the internet
  • 7 ways to find more clients fast and how to select the best ones for you
  • 2 ways to promote your firm to 100,000 people for only $100
  • 6 secrets top Rainmakers use to dominate their competition

Many of the most successful attorneys we know pop a CD into their CD-drive and listen to “Rainmaker Retreat Live” during their daily commute. Discover how you can build a successful law firm practice using the legal marketing strategies that you will learn on your drive!



I am excited to announce the date of our next Rainmaker Retreat: July 25-26, 2008!  Come join us at the Treasure Island Hotel and prepare to take your law firm to the next level by learning law firm marketing techniques. Register today to reserve your space and begin to chart the course to an incredibly successful future.

This two-day, power-packed event has been designed to assist small law firms and solo practitioners to grow their practices through learning and implementing Rainmaker’s proven law firm marketing strategies. More than 6,000 attorneys are already employing our law firm marketing techniques and reaping the benefits.

Among the many things you will take away from this event:

  • Step-by-step guidance in finding the best, most strategic referral partners
  • How to cut costs by eliminating ineffective law firm marketing strategies
  • Create a ‘Master Plan’ to guide your firm’s growth through marketing for lawyers
  • How to focus your time, energy and dollars on the most effective law firm  marketing techniques designed specifically for small and solo law firms
  • Five proven strategies to get more attention, command more respect and charge higher fees
  • Leveraging the Internet to create the most “buzz” on law firm marketing
  • How to create a steady stream of new referrals using law firm marketing techniques
  • Learn to set your firm apart from your competitors

Each day is filled with sessions (with built-in Action Steps and Action Groups) to guide you in putting these law firm marketing strategies into practice immediately. You will leave Las Vegas with a specific plan – uniquely suited to you and your firm – that will help you to create a successful and highly-satisfying legal practice!