"The Rainmaker Advisor": A Step-by-Step Attorney Marketing Magazine is NOW Available!


I am happy to announce that our new attorney marketing publication, “The Rainmaker Advisor”, has been warmly received by the attorney marketing industry. The brand new publication has already received abundant critical acclaim as well.

The Rainmaker Advisor is a magazine with a completely unique competitive edge. This magazineis more like a step-by-step attorney marketing manual. I developed this magazine for the sole purpose of assisting attorneys with accomplishing their law firm marketing goals. I have coached and trained well over 6,000 lawyers in every practice area and I know that the information provided for attorneys in this magazine will be very beneficial in their attorney marketing efforts.  

Whether you are a personal injury attorney in a solo practice or a litigator in a small firm, the attorney marketing principles and techniques that you will learn in each issue of The Rainmaker Advisor will do for you what they have already done for thousands of successful attorneys across the country. These attorney marketing tips, along with well-guarded industry secrets, will help you and your firm to achieve higher levels of success than you may have dreamed possible.

Among many informative articles in the inaugural issue is:

5 Strategies for “Reality-based” Attorney Marketing

By Ruth Klein, MS

Ruth Klein is a branding, marketing, publicity and time management consultant to law firms and business professionals ranging from solo entrepreneurs to the Fortune 500. As an award-winning business owner with a master's degree in clinical psychology, Klein brings her unique, results-driven insights, expertise and practical solutions to her clients.


The Rainmaker Institute Launches Attorney Marketing Magazine "The Rainmaker Advisor"

The Rainmaker Institute is delighted to announce the launch of its inaugural issue of The Rainmaker Advisor magazine. This revolutionary, one-of-a- kind attorney marketing manual will be unveiled at the Los Angeles LegalTech Trade Show. The Rainmaker Advisor will provide insightful Power Principles for marketing Small and Solo Law Practices.

Each issue will feature a specific attorney marketing theme. The principles readers will uncover in this quality print magazine will be practical attorney marketing techniques of proven value with wide applicability. These attorney marketing techniques can be used successfully by the Solo Practitioner, or the Small Law practice.



Articles in the first issue will include:

Feature Article:   “4 Secret Strategies of Law Firm Marketing: How Top Attorneys Use These Hidden Practices to Fill Their Law Practice

Seven Steps for Using LinkedIn.com as a Business Development Magnet

By Raymond “Chip” Lambert

Chip is CEO of Network2Networth and a Business Development expert who works exclusively with seasoned professionals to leverage their existing relationships and catapult them into the business they truly want. This article provides beneficial attorney marketing techniques that lawyers can follow. Law firms should implement these tips in their attorney marketing plan.    

Each and every issue will contain tips, techniques and insights (as well as disclosures of closely guarded secrets) of attorney marketing strategies. The magazine will provide many resources you can access online, as well as on some bonus CD/DVD’s, which will be made available – as well as a host of other bonuses. Click here to sign up for your free copy today!