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4 Steps to Increase Your Law Firm’s Online Visibility

Posted in Internet Marketing for Lawyers, Law Firm Marketing
There is one simple marketing strategy that can mean real money in your pocket: increasing the online visibility of your law firm. If you increase your online visibility, you improve your chances of having potential clients find you because online is where consumers are looking for attorneys these days. Here are some tasks you should consider… Continue Reading

How to Handle A Negative Online Review

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
At a recent Rainmaker Retreat, we had an attorney who had gotten his first negative review online.  Naturally, he was upset about it.  But after being able to set his personal feelings aside, he realized it was important that he respond the right way. So he asked during the group session, how do I handle a… Continue Reading

Consumer Survey: 80% Say They Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
A survey of 2,100 North American adults (90% from the U.S.) conducted earlier this year found that 80% said they trust online customer reviews as much as personal recommendations.  The Local Consumer Review Survey 2013 by SEO firm is an annual study into how consumer behavior is affected – or not – by online… Continue Reading

Internet Marketing: What’s Working Today

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Internet marketing firm Shebang recently aggregated research from several leading market research firms to determine what is working today in Internet marketing for small businesses and published the results in the form of an infographic below. So what is working best for small business when it comes to Internet marketing? The top 6 inbound marketing tools… Continue Reading