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U.S. Supreme Court Decision Could Cause State Bars to Lose Antitrust Immunity

Posted in Law Firm Management, Law Firm Marketing
Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners v. Federal Trade Commission, ruling that a regulatory body of a self-regulated profession (dentists in this case, but the law would apply as well) are only immune from antitrust liability if they are actively supervised by state governmental authorities.… Continue Reading

Latest Changes to the Legal Marketing Landscape

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Some changes in the legal marketing landscape to pass along to you this week: Total Attorneys Acquired by Internet Brands Internet Brands is the company that gutted Martindale-Hubbell, Nolo and (I wrote about that exactly one year ago today here.) Total Attorneys is a 13-year-old company based in Chicago that focuses on lead generation… Continue Reading

How To Build a Profitable Intake System

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Building an effective, efficient intake system will do more for your firm’s bottom line than just about any other legal marketing activity. The money you spend on generating leads is wasted if calls to your firm go unanswered, unreturned or answered improperly. Last week, Adam Warren penned a post on the National Trial Lawyers Association… Continue Reading

Getting to Yes: How to Improve Your Closing Argument When Pitching Prospects

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
One of the primary reasons that a company or person hires an attorney is to alleviate some type of “pain”. They may use words like “challenges”, “problems”, or “obstacles”, but all of the words amount to the same thing: they are experiencing discomfort; they are experiencing pain. Their “pain” is whatever they are asking your… Continue Reading

Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
There are a number of skeptics in the legal world who question the effectiveness of email marketing. Whenever an attorney comes to me and tells me that they’ve sent a newsletter in the past, but found it to be ineffective, I know they did something wrong. Here are some cardinal mistakes you need to avoid:… Continue Reading

Factors That Correlate with Higher Google Rankings

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Websites
Industry-leading SEO services firm Searchmetrics releases a report every year that chronicles the ranking factors and correlations for producing higher rankings in Google search.  If you rely on organic search to produce leads for your law firm, understanding the factors that Google considers important in ranking sites for the type of law you practice is… Continue Reading