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How to Write for the Non-Legal Mind

Posted in Legal Marketing
You can be the most brilliant attorney in the world but if no one understands what you have to say, then what’s the point? The law is complex, and many attorneys struggle mightily with developing legal-based content that speaks to their target market because of this complexity. But if you are not able to make… Continue Reading

5 Steps for Outsourcing Your Law Firm Marketing

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
A growing number of law firms are finally recognizing what non-legal companies have known for decades: to build a financially successful business, you must focus on your core competencies and either delegate or outsource the rest of your business functions. There are many law firm marketing tasks that you can and should delegate or outsource… Continue Reading

How Marketing Automation Saves You Time and Money

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Marketing automation software automates, streamlines and helps you measure your marketing activities. It makes you smarter, faster and more efficient. You use it for email marketing, lead generation, lead nurturing, lead conversion, social media, client retention, ROI measurements and more. Among many things, marketing automation allows you to: Identify, track and engage prospects online Segment… Continue Reading

How to Stop Failing at Law Firm Marketing

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Law firms rarely ever fail for lack of talent.  They fail due to a litany of bad business practices, inefficiencies, infighting and hubris, as well as a number of other reasons that have nothing to do with the intelligence or talent of the lawyers themselves. The problem, according to Frank Wu, Chancellor and Dean of UC… Continue Reading

NEW! Free Webinar: 5 Low Cost & No Cost Strategies to Transform Your Law Firm

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Legal Marketing Strategies
Have you ever failed to use a business growth strategy for your law firm because you thought it would be too expensive or time consuming? Are you ready to learn proven strategies that can significantly increase your referrals? Are you tired of watching your cash flow stagnate or drop month after month? This new 60-minute… Continue Reading

Habits of the New Legal Consumer

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
A few months ago, Avvo released the results of a survey it had done of 1,000 consumers who purchased legal services to discover what attorneys need to know today about the new legal consumer. The Avvo study offered a three-point description of today’s legal consumer. They are: Informed — access to legal information online has… Continue Reading

Your 2016 Law Practice Resolution: Do Things Differently

Posted in Law Firm Development, Law Firm Marketing, Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp
Is your law practice letting you down? Not enough clients? Revenues stagnating or going south? Spending too much time on building frustration rather than building your business? Then consider this: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. I don’t know who said that – it’s been attributed… Continue Reading

More Top Legal Marketing Blog Posts of 2015

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
This week we’ve gathered our top legal marketing blog posts from the past year — some recognized by other organizations as notable and others ranked by our readers as some of their favorites. Here are some reader favorites: 8 Proven Ways to Boost Engagement for Your Facebook Posts If you’re using Facebook to “sell” your… Continue Reading

Top Legal Marketing Blog Posts of 2015

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
This week we’ve curated our top legal marketing blog posts from the past year — some recognized by other organizations as notable and others ranked by our readers as some of their favorites. If you’re looking for some inspiration to start 2016 out on the right marketing foot, these may fit the bill. Our first… Continue Reading

Why We Love Lawyers Every Day

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
If you haven’t heard, today is Love a Lawyer Day. Oh, it’s not a federal holiday — it’s a day chosen by the ABA’s Law Practice Counsel to celebrate attorneys on the first Friday of November every year. Here’s the ABA resolution on the special day: WHEREAS, Lawyers have consistently been the target of verbal… Continue Reading

Why Law Firms Fail at Marketing

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Why do so many attorneys fail at marketing their practices? It all comes down to one simple truth: with a product, the customer can see it, touch it, taste it or feel it. The senses combine to help the customer decide to make the purchase. But what does the customer have to go on when purchasing… Continue Reading

Legal Marketing Stats Lawyers Need to Know

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Using market trends to inform your law firm marketing efforts is a must for solos and small firms that have limited budgets and resources to market their firms. Google recently aggregated research from FindLaw and its own inhouse data to provide a look at the legal market trends that should shape your legal marketing initiatives:… Continue Reading

Sacrifice Your Sacred Cows to Beef Up Your Bottom Line

Posted in Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp
We all know the old adage, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”  If you find your practice stagnating, maybe it’s time to think about sacrificing some of your “sacred cows” and replacing them with better alternatives. Creative thinking involves breaking out of one pattern in order to create… Continue Reading