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Don’t Miss What I’m Sharing Right Now at The State Bar of California Solo & Small Firm Summit

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Legal Marketing for Solos, Legal Marketing Strategies
Over the next two days, I’m making four presentations to more than 300 attorneys attending The State Bar of California Solo & Small Firm Summit in Newport Beach. Here’s what I’m talking about: What Do You Want? Moving from a Job to a Law Practice and from a Law Practice to a Business Many attorneys… Continue Reading

4 Critical Differences Between Marketing a Small Law Firm vs. a Large Law Firm

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Legal Marketing Strategies
Over 95% of our clients practice in a law firm with fewer than 20 attorneys in it. Here are four critical areas where the size of the firm seems to matter the most when it comes to marketing: Attorneys in small firms and solo practitioners are extremely pressed for time. From business development, to building relationships with potential… Continue Reading

How to Reinvigorate & Reinvent Your Legal Practice This Summer

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Legal Marketing for Solos, Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp
Do you remember when summer school used to be considered a punishment? I am sure kids still view it that way today, but getting the knowledge that will unequivocally allow you to reinvigorate and reinvent your legal practice should be something worthy of your attention. And it only takes two days! I am, of course, referring… Continue Reading

The Top 3 Successful Lead Generation Tactics Every Law Firm Needs to Implement Now

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
A recent lead generation benchmark survey conducted by marketing research firm Ascend2 and Research Partners is worth paying attention to for the insights gathered from 50,000 U.S. and international marketing leaders representing a wide range of company types, sizes and locations. That is what is known as a statistically significant survey.  When queried on the… Continue Reading

How to Reach Your Goal of Financial Freedom

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Tomorrow is independence Day, when we as Americans celebrate the founding principles of our country — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So how happy are you about your pursuit of financial independence through the practice of law?  If the answer is, “not very,” then it’s time to started taking the necessary steps to… Continue Reading