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New FREE Report: 10 Steps to Jumpstart Your LinkedIn Presence & Get More Referrals Fast

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Legal Marketing for Solos, Legal Marketing Strategies, Strategic Referrals
LinkedIn may be the most powerful social media tool for lawyers and litigators! In my new FREE report — 10 Steps to Jumpstart Your LinkedIn Presence & Get More Referrals Fast — I’m going to show you how you can leverage LinkedIn to generate more and better referrals while connecting with clients in 10 simple steps.… Continue Reading

FREE NTL Webinar Sept. 17: Top 5 Tactics to Convert More Website Visitors Into Qualified Leads

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Driving qualified traffic to your website is only the first step. The really hard part is getting web visitors to take action by contacting you. If your website seems to be getting a lot of traffic, but you still aren’t getting any calls then you need to attend this hard-hitting webinar sponsored by The National… Continue Reading

How B2B Law Firms Can Develop a Great Referral Network

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Building a great referral network begins by identifying the people who already have a relationship with the people you want as clients.  For example, if you target small business owners, you would look for those who already have a relationship with small business owners. These could be accountants, financial planners, local bankers, CPA’s, commercial real… Continue Reading

How to Create Content That Google Likes

Posted in Law Firm Websites
A recent HubSpot blog post noted that there are 2 million unique blog posts published every day – a huge amount of new content streaming onto the Web. So how can you compete effectively to ensure that your content gets the Google thumbs-up for the terms your prospects are using to find the legal services you… Continue Reading

How to Identify Hidden Referral Sources

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Too often, attorneys sign a new client without having a true understanding of how that client came to them.  How can you repeat your successes if you don’t know what you’re doing right? If you start examining the ways that new clients come to you, you will begin to reveal referral sources you didn’t even… Continue Reading

VIDEO: 3 Keys to Getting Better Referrals

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
I was recently interviewed by’s Editor in Chief Cindy Greenway about what attorneys need to know to get better – and more – referrals.  In this interview, I touch on the 3 keys to better attorney referrals: Knowing your target market Identifying your ideal referral source Keeping in touch Watch it now and learn… Continue Reading

10 Reasons You Don’t Get Referrals

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
If you have more referral business than you can handle, you are obviously doing something right. But if you want and need more referrals and they aren’t coming to you, maybe you are doing something wrong. Here are 10 Reasons You Don’t Get Referrals: No goal. Have you set a specific goal for a specific number of… Continue Reading