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Local SEO Tips for Attorneys [INFOGRAPHIC]

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To realize the importance of being proficient at Local SEO, all you have to do is search for your area of practice on Google.  Without even typing in a city or state, Google will serve up law firms that match your search query that are geographically closest to you.  Google knows that if you are looking for a lawyer, it is highly likely you’ll want one that is close to you.  Hence the importance of optimizing your law firm website for Local Search.

Of course, your competitors are probably getting wise to the importance of Local SEO too — so how do you beat them at this important law firm marketing game?  Here are five tips:

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How to Get Your Firm Ranked on Local Maps Listings

No doubt you have done searches using general terms and Google popped up local providers. That is because Google knows the IP address of the searcher and serves up local options first. You will see a map and a few listings of high ranking businesses. This is the sweet spot, and we will show you how to get there during our free on-demand webinar on How to Get Your Firm Ranked on Local Maps Listings.

During this free training, you will: 

  • Discover the 4 key factors that have the greatest impact on local maps ranking & the 2 secrets to beating the current leaders in your market
  • Learn how to utilize Google reviews to improve your local maps ranking
  • Get a list of the top 50 most important directory sites of the 1800+ local directories out there to determine where your firm needs to be
  • Find out how to get your business listed on literally hundreds of directory sites for about the cost of a nice night out
  • Obtain a step-by-step, paint-by-number instruction on how to optimize your local listings on the top 15 sites if you want to do it yourself
  • Receive a copy of the presentation so you can optimize your listings at your leisure

Register online now to get a link to this free training webinar on How to Get Your Firm Ranked on Local Maps Listings.

Kick Off 2018 with This FREE Webinar on 1/10: 3 Proven Growth Strategies You Can Use to Create a Record Year!

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Kick Off 2018 with This FREE Webinar on 1/10: 3 Proven Growth Strategies You Can Use to Create a Record Year!Kick your 2018 law firm marketing program into high gear with The Rainmaker Institute’s free webinar on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET on How to Ignite 2018 with 3 Proven Growth Strategies and create a record year for your practice.

Here’s what will be covered by our webinar leader, Michael Veinbergs, who is CEO of Local Marketing Geeks:

BRAND EQUITY: What is it and how to optimize your brand equity across social media platforms, blog, website and other online media such as chat, landing pages, ads, etc.  

Branding is all about what you want prospects and clients to know and feel about you as a lawyer. You must define your niche as narrowly as possible and then promote it consistently in your messaging. This not only helps you attract the right clients, it also helps your referral sources understand who would make a good referral for you.

SEO Demystified! Understand why SEO is an ongoing effort that encompasses more than just keywords and is mission-critical for growth.

Today’s consumer is searching online, on their phones and tablets. And they are not going past the first page of search results, so you have to be whip-smart about the online marketing strategies you use to have a high first-page ranking on Google.

PPC & RETARGETING: Learn how retargeting and PPC increase the efficiency of your ad spend by only paying for ads that reach their goals.

It is imperative that you know and follow best practices for PPC advertising, since the legal space is the most competitive — and the costliest — on Google.  Learn how to create PPC advertising campaigns for your law firm that will deliver clicks that convert.

One of the keys to standing out among your competition is to invest in remarketing via ads on Google’s Display Network. Display ads are banners that you see on other sites across the Internet. Have you ever wondered how a website you visited keeps following you around when you’re on other sites? This is remarketing and you don’t need a big budget to do it. Most prospects visit more than one website when researching attorneys, and remarketing gives you a great opportunity to stay top of mind when prospects are doing their homework.

Register online now for our free webinar on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET on How to Ignite 2018 with 3 Proven Growth Strategies and create a record year for your practice.

BONUS:  By attending this free webinar, you will receive a free website audit.  There is nothing to buy and no obligation, just honest feedback on the strength of your law firm website as a lead conversion tool for your firm.



12 Things to Let Go Of in 2018 to Make Room for Success

Posted in Becoming a Rainmaker

12 Things to Let Go Of in 2018 to Make Room for SuccessAt a certain age, most of us stop making New Year’s resolutions because we find that, over time, we are not really committed to them. However, one thing I think we can safely say we are all committed to is success in our work.

Whatever success looks like to you — personal wealth, power, acclaim, the ability to help others, etc. — there are probably some things you need to let go of this year to make room for success to happen. How many of these 12 things apply to you?

  1. Not taking action. You can have the best legal education and an unmatched marketing mind, but if you do not couple those resources with action, you’ve got nothing. Stop putting off taking concrete action on achieving your dreams. Put something into motion.
  2. Living in the past. We all have regrets and thoughts of what could have been “if only…” Put it aside. There is nothing you can do to change the past, but you can change your future so invest in that instead of what’s already gone.
  3. Thinking small. If you dream big, you have to think big. Expand your thinking by attending a motivational business conference and reading books that will contribute to you reaching those lofty goals.
  4. Doing it all yourself. Enlisting the help of others not only frees you up to focus on the big picture, it also expands the network of people dedicated to your success.
  5. Staying in toxic relationships. At one time or another, we’ve all had toxic relationships in our lives. Make this the year you let go of those energy drainers who do nothing to contribute to your success.
  6. Working through lunch. Your brain and your body need a midday break to remain focused and energized. Even if you take only 30 minutes out for a meal, the result will be a more positive attitude for the rest of your day.
  7. Having a disorganized office. If your office looks like it was hit by a paper storm, it’s time to clear the clutter. Once you become more organized, you will feel more in control of your workload and your work life.
  8. Having an inconsistent online presence. Maintaining a good online reputation is key to evolving in your career. If you only post infrequently on social media or your blog, you’re not doing anything to build your brand.
  9. Not using your free time wisely. Social interaction is key to human happiness. Don’t waste your free time in front of the TV or computer; get out and live your life with the people you care about and who feed your soul.
  10. Not getting enough sleep. This is something many of us struggle with, but studies show that sleep deprivation is harmful to your physical and mental health. To be at the top of your game, your mind and body need to be well rested.
  11. Negative thinking. If you harbor negative thoughts, they eventually get hard-wired into your brain, causing you to always be questioning your decisions and your self-worth. If you find yourself saying things like, “I can’t…,” “I’m not good at…,” or something similar, stop yourself and replace that with more positive language.
  12. Not celebrating the small stuff. The ambitious goals we have for ourselves in business usually take time to achieve, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop and celebrate the small wins along the way. Enjoying even a small sense of accomplishment gives you the drive to push through to the big win.

Changing old habits is never easy, but realizing how they are holding you back from achieving success is the first step to making lasting change happen. This year, resolve to set aside the obstacles that are standing in your way to being and building all that you dream.


Resolve to Convert More Leads into Appointments in 2018

Posted in Lead Conversion


This year instead of making a resolution to lose that last 10 pounds that keeps hanging on (or coming back), why not resolve to do something to fatten your wallet?rainmaker conversion secrets

Establishing the right system to follow up with inbound leads and automating as much of the process as possible will help you capitalize on the money you are investing in lead generation and turn those leads that are falling through the cracks into dollars that fall to your bottom line.

Here are four steps you can take on January 2 to increase conversion of your inbound leads into appointments:

  1. Delegate each lead to a specific person. To have an effective lead conversion system, you must have a process for following up. Just plotting them on a spreadsheet is no good unless you make someone specifically responsible for following up. More leads fall through the cracks due to lack of follow-up than for any other reason. Why would you spend money on generating leads that never get followed up on? Stop wasting your money and make the proper assignments to ensure those leads get a call or email back quickly!
  2. Qualify each lead. The first thing you need to determine is if the lead is a good fit for your firm. If you haven’t developed an ideal client profile, you must do that. Make it as specific as possible — company size, type of business, income level, age — whatever makes someone a good client fit for you needs to be identified and written down, then handed to your sales team to help them qualify each lead.
  3. Personalize your response. Once you have qualified a lead and find it a good fit, you then need to personalize your response to them. How did they reach out to you? If they came to you via your website, your response to them should mention this. Also mention any specifics about why they reached out to you — i.e., “I understand you need help with child custody” or whatever their problem may be.
  4. Keep following up. Persistence is important when following up with any lead. Research has shown that many sales people give up after 1-2 tries — this is simply not enough. People are busy and sometimes no matter how much someone wants to move forward with something, life just sweeps them away and it gets placed on the back burner. Remember: they have a legal issue that needs to be handled. This can be scary for them and quite possibly they want to put their head in the sand and ignore it. It is your responsibility to communicate with them and get them to take action. Contact them a minimum of 5-7 times before giving up. Of course, attorneys should always delegate this follow-up task to a member of their intake team to be sure it gets done.

Want to learn more ways to fatten your law firm’s bottom line?  Check this out:

How to Use Your Blog for SEO Gains

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, SEO for law firms

How to Use Your Blog for SEO GainsDone right, your law firm blog should be a hub for your social media outreach efforts, but did you know that it can also help you maximize SEO results for your website? Here are some simple ways to use your blog for SEO gains:

Name it right. Do NOT just name your blog…BLOG. Incorporate your keywords if possible to create a more descriptive name. Add keywords to the page title of the blog as well so the correct description will appear in search results.

Target your posts. If you have more than one practice area, you need to be sure that you have posts written for each different segment of your target market with their respective keywords included.

Watch your URL structure. To simplify your reporting, you should be sure your URL syntax includes the word “blog” — i.e., This way, you can pull up reports from your blog to see what posts are resonating with your audiences. Then check the URL for each post to ensure it is as simplified as possible, leaving out words like “and,” “but” and other conjunctions that lengthen URLs and make them harder to read.

Optimize existing posts. Take a look at your existing posts to see if there are any opportunities to optimize them, such as adding some links to other pages relevant to the post on your website, adding optimized images or optimizing existing images, linking related posts, and making sure targeted keywords are included in title tags and meta descriptions.

Add content to fill SEO gaps. If there are keywords you’re trying to rank for and are struggling to get to where you want to be, add some posts using those specific keywords.

Add optimized video and images. Having optimized images and video on your blog not only helps with SEO, it also ups your reader engagement. Check your YouTube page to see if there are videos there that are a good fit for your blog. Make sure the alt tags include your high priority keywords where appropriate.

Share on social media. Always, always share your blog posts on social media. Post an attention-grabbing image with a descriptive, keyword-loaded sentence or two and link to your blog post.

How to Get Great Google Rankings in 2017

3 Steps to Keep Referrals Flowing

Posted in Generating Referrals for Attorneys

3 Steps to Keep Referrals Coming How do you continue to build relationships with referral sources when you are always crunched for time? Just like anything else that matters, you have to carve some time out for the things that are meaningful to you — and few things are more meaningful when it comes to building a profitable law practice than a constant source of referrals.

Developing that referral network takes time and attention, but if you get organized, you can still do it no matter how many balls you have in the air. Here are 3 steps you should take to keep the referrals coming your way:

Step 1: Be Proactive

There is an old saying that “to have a friend, you must first be a friend.” Don’t wait for someone to take the initiative to contact you – be the first to reach out. In the last few years we have coached and trained thousands of attorneys and the ones who are the best Rainmakers are those who make at least 3-4 contacts with potential referral sources every week.

Take a few minutes and scan your contact list. Select 15 to 20 names of potential or current referral sources and send them an email or better yet, pick up the phone and call them with an invitation to lunch or coffee. Set a goal of having three face-to-face meetings per week for the next month.

Step 2: Increase the Frequency of Your Contact

Try as we might, it’s difficult with our hectic schedules to meet with every potential referral source on a regular basis. Here’s one strategy I teach lawyers: Set up a Google Alert for a specific phrase that would be of interest to your referral sources. When one you think will hit your contact’s hot button hits your Inbox, forward it to him or her with a personal note.

Several of my clients have doubled and tripled their referrals in six months using this simple technique to stay in front of their referral sources on a frequent basis. You can set up a Google Alert at

Step 3: Focus on Serving, Not Selling

When you meet with referral sources, don’t make the mistake of dominating the conversation. You are there to listen.  Any attempt to “sell” them on your services will be a complete waste of your time and theirs. Look for ways you can serve them and their clients by connecting them with other resources or pointing them in the right direction regarding a legal issue. Ask a lot of questions about their business. Ask them about the attributes of their ideal client or customer so you can reciprocate when appropriate. Then be sure you keep educating them about your ideal client so they don’t waste anyone’s time sending you people you can’t help.

Attorneys who want to become top Rainmakers don’t wait for someone to knock on the door, for the phone to ring, or for the referrals to come in. They take the initiative, stay in touch, and focus on serving their referral sources.


FREE REPORT: Why Your Law Firm is Failing at Lead Conversion

A topic that should be at the top of every law firm’s radar is how to improve your intake and lead conversion. This skill is woefully overlooked by most attorneys, who continue to focus 99% of their efforts and money on lead generation, fallaciously thinking this will solve their declining revenue problems.

Logically speaking, why would someone continue to spend an increasing amount of money on lead generation if they aren’t doing everything they can to actually convert those leads into paying or retained clients?

Lead generation too often comes down to a firm’s financial ability to “throw money at the problem,” but a lead conversion system can level the playing field and give small firms a true unique competitive advantage.

In the new free report, Why Your Law Firm is Failing at Lead Conversion, you will discover:

  • The 12 critical steps to set your law firm apart and convert more leads into clients
  • The shocking results of our secret shopper calls to 126 law firms
  • How to create a true, unique competitive advantage
  • How to dramatically improve your intake process to convert more clients

Get your FREE report now on Why Your Law Firm is Failing at Lead Conversion and start succeeding at turning prospects into clients!

Legal Marketing Webinar on How to Plan for Bigger Profits in 2018

Posted in Legal Marketing

Legal Marketing Webinar on How to Plan for Bigger Profits in 2018When business slows down over the holidays, it’s the perfect time to start planning for how to make next year your most profitable ever.

And you can start this planning process by joining me for a free 60-minute legal marketing webinar: How to Develop Your Law Firm Marketing Plan, where you will learn…

A proven legal marketing system that has helped 18,000 attorneys convert more prospects into paying clients.

Step-by-step actions you should take throughout the course of the next 12 months to substantially increase your revenues.

Effective strategies to win clients in today’s hyper-competitive online focused marketplace.

Creating a marketing plan for your law firm is the first step in building a foundation for a profitable future. During this complimentary legal marketing webinar, learn:

  • The 3 critical areas where you need to focus for greater profitability
  • Why your firm is not getting more referrals and how to change it fast
  • How to find more clients you love to work with and who consistently pay you on time
  • The most cost-effective online and offline marketing strategies for your practice area
  • The 5 critical components of a Marketing Action Plan (MAP)

I will lead you through the step-by-step actions you should take throughout the course of the next 12 months to dramatically increase your revenues.

You’ll also get a sneak peek at the 65 different legal marketing strategies taught at our new 2-day legal marketing boot camp, the Rainmaker Retreat. This will help you understand why attending a Rainmaker Retreat in 2018 could be the best thing you ever do for your law firm.

So take some time between now and the end of the year to do something that will really bring you a rewarding return on your time investment.

Register online now for access to my free on-demand webinar How to Develop Your Law Firm Marketing Plan.

Pass the Gravy & Improve Your Google Rankings

Posted in Internet Marketing for Lawyers, SEO for law firms

Pass the Gravy & Improve Your Google RankingsWe’re about a week out from the annual gorge-fest known as Thanksgiving, the top of the inevitable slide toward the New Year. I find this time of year a blur business-wise, with many people’s minds on everything but work.

But who said these things have to be mutually exclusive? What if you could really enjoy your holidays and enjoy learning something that would make a real difference in the success of your law firm in 2018?

So while you’re digesting your turkey and fixin’s, consider watching our online training video on How to Get Great Google Rankings in 2017. It’s free — and the tips will work in 2018 too.

This webinar is available to you free and on-demand. A click of your mouse will take you to the page to enter your info so we can email you a link.

The online training video is conducted by Michael Veinbergs, CEO of Local Marketing Geeks. Michael is an online marketing expert, a well known speaker and the owner of one of the premier online marketing agencies in the country focused on helping attorneys build their practice. He gives a masterful presentation on getting to the top of Google and it is well worth your time investment to watch it.

Some of the things Michael covers in the webinar include:

  • What it REALLY takes to pull traffic in from Google  
  • 5 ways to get your firm’s website to the top of the organic search results 
  • The 3-step blueprint to online lead generation success  
  • The 7 secrets to converting website browsers into buyers, including 1 tip that can increase conversion on your site by 35-40% virtually overnight
  • How to get the most out of your SEO provider and how to know when it’s time to fire them

And after you’ve finished watching that video, if you have some extra time over the holidays and want to improve your practice even more, check this out: Law Firm Marketing Video Library: 10 Hours That Will Transform Your Legal Practice. This post has links to 10 on-demand videos that cover law firm marketing and management topics like finding the best talent for your firm, law firm finance, social media marketing, legal video, lead conversion tips and more.

10 Tips to Balance Your Life & the Law

Posted in Law Firm Management

10 Tips to Balance Your Life & the LawIf you are unhappy in your law practice, every molehill becomes a mountain that you dread climbing. The fact is, you will not create a successful law practice if you’re just in it for the financial rewards. What happy attorneys have in common is, first and foremost, a heartfelt dedication to serving their clients that goes way beyond earning a paycheck.

If you are struggling for balance, consider these 10 ways tips on how to balance your life and the law:

  1. Avoid what matters least. Your time is finite, so while you are making a list of things to do in 2018, make a list of what not to do as well. And then simply don’t do them.
  2. Do the essentials first. How much time do you spend every day getting sidetracked by email? If we were honest, most of us would probably answer: a lot. When you hit the office, take care of your most essential tasks first and then check your email.
  3. Focus on what matters to clients. If you lose sight of what matters to your clients, you will soon lose those clients.
  4. Find your purpose. When your career is based on your purpose, you will be both more successful and happier.
  5. Support a worthy cause. Research has shown that people involved in furthering worthy causes are generally happier in life. Find a way to support something bigger than yourself or your practice.
  6. Give yourself more choices. If you find yourself feeling fearful and trapped by high overhead and a lack of clients, find a way to give yourself more choices. One sure way to conquer fear is by learning. Learning how to attract and keep clients is the main focus of our Rainmaker Retreat; resolve to attend one session in the next year.
  7. Find a good partner. A good partner in business is as indispensable as one in marriage. If you don’t have someone in your practice whose strengths offset your weaknesses, go find that person.
  8. Tap your peers. Most attorneys like to view themselves as experts, but one problem with being an expert is that it sometimes prevents you from seeing new possibilities. Find other professionals who may be facing some of the same problems you are, and brainstorm some solutions.
  9. Complain less, change more. Gandhi advised us to be the change we want to see in the world. Resolving to be the attorney who can solve the problems of prospects will bring new clients to your door.
  10. Take time to play. Plan next year’s vacations now, and let your work fill in the rest of the calendar. This gives you something to look forward to, and helps you maintain a well-rounded life.