One of the most common questions we receive from attorneys is “How do I build my expert status and presence of my law firm on the internet?”

An essential strategy to add to a law firm marketing plan is writing and submitting articles online.  By submitting articles online, you and your law firm benefit in many ways:

• Your articles will be syndicated across the internet and published on numerous websites within a short time.

• You increase the visibility and credibility of you and your law firm.

• You drive prospects to your website.

Writing and submitting articles is simple, cost effective and one of best online marketing strategies on the internet.

Here are some tips to help you achieve the best results:

Write for a specific audience. Keep in mind your Ideal Target Market and write the article for them—not for other attorneys. Make it practical, interesting, tell a story, use an example, make it personal as if you were speaking directly to them. Never use legal jargon unless you explain it.

Have an angle. Don’t write up a generic article that spouts the same old advice. Spend a little time tweaking it so that you really have something to say.

Keep it short. Your article should not be more than 2 pages single spaced. If it is longer than that, divide it into 2 articles. Remember, people don’t read online, they scan. Use plenty of bullet points, clearly differentiate sections, and keep your paragraphs short (no more than 10 lines).

Tell, don’t sell. Focus your article on informing and educating your reader about a specific topic. Don’t focus on ‘selling’ your services.

Give people a reason to contact you. Offer them a special report or 5 more steps or something else that will give them an incentive to visit your website and contact you.

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