Attendees at the Small and Solo Law Firm Conference were treated to a number of fine speakers; all specialists in California law and law firm marketing. The two-day event was held June 26-27, 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Conference, which was held in conjunction with the LACBA (Los Angeles Bar Association), offered more than twenty business development and law firm marketing strategy sessions.   Among the featured speakers were:


John Bisnar shared law firm marketing strategies that he used to build one of the leading personal injury law firms in Southern California. Learn more about how John achieved his extraordinary success when you visit the Bisnar/Chase Law Firm’s website.




Bob Brennan isa leading consumer attorney in Los Angeles and the California Spokesperson for the National Association of Consumer Attorneys. Brennan helped attendees to law firm marketing strategies in which lawyers can build a network of referral sources from their everyday contacts. Bob’s practice specializes in identify theft and consumer fraud issues, such as lemon law. To learn more about Bob or his practice, kindly visit Brennan, Wiener & Associates’ website.


Derrick Coleman is a highly-successful commercial litigation attorney with the firm Coleman Frost LLP in Santa Monica. Coleman instructed practitioners in how to transform their practices into profitable businesses by implementing proven law firm marketing strategies. Find out more about Derrick Coleman by visiting Coleman Frost LLP’s website.



The conference would not have been a success without co-sponsor, LACBA. The Los Angeles County Bar is one of the nation’s largest voluntary bars. With more than 25,000 members, over 100 committees and sections, and a score of public service projects, the association provides exceptional career resources for attorneys, an effective voice for the legal profession and vital services to the community.

Space constraints will not allow us to list all of our talented speakers and our law firm marketing experts; we do offer each of them our deepest thanks for their invaluable contributions.