The First Annual Small Firm and Solo Conference was held just a week ago in the city of Los Angeles, California. Held on June 26-27, 2008, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, lawyers from all over attended and gained a lot of knowledge in legal marketing.

Prominent California attorneys teamed up with nationally recognized legal marketing experts to share the latest ideas, techniques and technology.   Like all businesses dealing with the struggling economy, small and solo firms (actually, firms of all sizes) benefited greatly by getting a jump on the competition using legal marketing strategies.

Sponsored by the Los Angeles County Bar Association and The Rainmaker Institute, LLC, in conjunction with LegalTech, the conference attracted attorneys from every corner of the United States. The two-day event was undoubtedly time well-spent for legal professionals, because they gained a great amount of legal marketing strategies.

Legal marketing topics discussed included: Building a referral-based practice, including how to generate more and better referrals and how to use internet technology to your best advantage for legal marketing. This, of course, is just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to the quality and quantity of diverse legal marketing topics that were covered in detail at the conference.

The Rainmaker Institute, LLC,, legal marketing experts, was proud to be among the sponsors and presenters at this important event.   Already the nation’s largest and most successful law firm marketing company for small law firms, we are working with more than 6,000 attorneys – achieving amazing results!

To learn more about our proven legal marketing system or about any of our products or services, call 888.588.5891 or visit The Rainmaker Institute’s website.