Our latest Rainmaker Retreat has just ended; yet, the positive feedback is already coming in from around the country. Attended by solo and small law firm practitioners, we are pleased to report that attendance surpassed even our highest expectations.

As word spreads about the incredible Rainmaker Retreat and our Rainmaker Legal Marketing System, the larger our seminars have become – and we could not be more pleased.



The attendees at Treasure Island Hotel, Las Vegas, NE, this past weekend (July 25-26) all had a couple of things in common:

  • They came with expectations of learning how to take legal marketing to the next level
  • They left with specific guidelines and tips instructing them how to do just that and so much more!

Legal marketing seminars included:

  • Developing, Marketing and Hosting Public and Private Seminars
  • Creating Low Cost Information Products to Promote your Firm
  • Passive vs. Active Legal Marketing
  • Creating a Profile of Your Ideal Target Market
  • Legal Marketing to Current and Former Clients
  • Generating Repeat Business
  • Training your Staff to Manage your Legal Marketing Campaigns

Every legal marketing session included built-in Action Steps and Action Groups which enabled attendees to put these strategies and techniques into practice.   Just two days after the end of our latest Rainmaker Retreat, we are being bombarded with emails and phone calls from attendees who are already using these successful strategies and are eager to put more of them into action.