Attorney marketing experts agree, there are only two types of law firms (when in comes to how they market their services):

  1. Those that have a website
  2. Those that are left behind

If you think that view is overly-simplistic, you might want to think again. After all, your local dry cleaning store and dog groomers probably have a website. As a professional in attorney marketing, shouldn’t you too? If you don’t have a website, you run the risk of being perceived as unprofessional or as a fly-by-night operation and that is not a chance you can afford to take.

You don’t have to have a big, splashy website; you just need to have one if you expect your attorney marketing efforts to succeed.   Your online presence will be greatly enhanced just by having an attorney marketing plan, period.  

If this is your first attorney marketing website, keep it simple (to begin with; you can get into more detail as time goes on):

  • Think of your website as a tool in your attorney marketing “tool kit”
  • Think of it as a brochure of sorts; spelling out the key components of what you have to offer
  • Remember, your attorney marketing website is an excellent place for you to direct referral sources and clients

If you’re up for the challenge, you can easily develop a basic website yourself. The most important advice: make sure it is professional; check for spelling, grammar, correct phone numbers, typos, etc. Recent software advances will make it easy and expensive for you to develop your attorney marketing website.