Legal marketing experts often tout the importance of presenting interesting, substantive legal marketing seminars. Hosting seminars, booking speaking engagements and participating in trade group meetings are all, in fact, great legal marketing strategies. According to Johnny Manriquez, Esq., Sales Attorney for Scholefield Associates, P.C. in San Diego, California, failing to follow up with clients after these events is not uncommon for many attorneys. The lack of follow-up is quite costly to any legal marketing plan. Hoping that you have impressed attendees enough to call you and simply waiting for the phone to ring is, in effect, directly sabotaging legal marketing efforts. In his blog posting, Manriquez offers interesting insight into how some law firm marketing seems destined to fail.

After legal marketing events, Manriquez says “many lawyers fail to take the logical next steps”:

  • “Further qualifying attendees and asking for future business”. This mistake can put a monkey wrench in even the best planned legal marketing business plan. 
  • “Ignoring or taking a passive approach to new business”.   If law firm marketing techniques are expected to work, no firm can take a “wait and see if they call us” approach. While that approach to legal marketing might have been somewhat effective in the past, it is no longer – not in this super-competitive environment.

Passivity has no place in today’s law firm marketing; legal firms must take a decidedly active approach instead. To learn more about conducting professional and productive legal marketing seminars, please pay a visit to The Rainmaker Institute’s comprehensive and informative website.