In a recent article published in the American Bar Association Journal entitled “These Associates Say it is Never Too Early to Start Rainmaking”, a number of attorneys shared their successful legal marketing strategies. Each lawyer interviewed agreed networking was a crucial part of their law firm marketing business plan.   The techniques of these legal marketing practitioners may differ, but the goal was the same; networking to build their client base.

California attorneys spoke openly about their law firm marketing strategies. Connie Merriett said she approaches every social event as a networking opportunity; Connie has even been known to employ legal marketing techniques at her child’s T-ball games. Other attorneys spoke of legal marketing success attained through volunteering and by participating in local government or their chambers of commerce.

The point is: successful law firm marketing requires you to view every social interaction as a potential networking opportunity. We, at the Rainmaker Institute, have recognized all along the importance of networking as a source of referrals. Sometimes lawyers tend to over-complicate things; legal marketing success can be as simple as asking your neighbors if they know anyone who could use your services.   Legal marketing experts agree that we must take every opportunity to reach new clients. It might be as simple as talking to other parents at sporting events, like Connie Merriett did.

Attracting and retaining new clients is central to any legal marketing plan. Getting involved in community activities and getting your law firm’s name “out there” is critical to your legal marketing efforts.