Opinion seems to be fairly divided over the issue of whether or not attorney marketing professionals should opt for heightened, more aggressive and up-to-date advertising strategies for their legal clients. Unfortunately, laws already on the books in many states prohibit a lawyer from advertising their services in the manner that they would prefer, which also greatly affects attorney marketing strategies. Is this fair? Some say no – after all, what is free speech worth if you can’t advertise your business, skill or trade in a way that effectively, though appropriately, gets the message across?

Some consumers and opinion polls suggest that attorney marketing emphasizes profit over other things like compassion, character and integrity. A recent article regarding this issue of attorney marketing appeared on the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog. Decide for yourself; but why should lawyers be burdened with prohibited slogans or images? Florida, as the law blog article states, disallows certain images or characterizations to appear in many ads regarding legal attorney marketing services. Too suggestive? Too aggressive?

When attorney marketing experts design and promote campaigns, the purpose is to create powerful images that leave an impact with the consumer. Isn’t that what marketing, and even more so, attorney marketing is all about? When it comes to marketing, who will be next to censor or prohibit content for public dissemination? Attorney marketing professionals will definitely be keeping a close eye on this ongoing debate.