When it comes to legal marketing, lawyers today understand the essentials of communicating with clients. Unfortunately, many attorneys forget that their clients are everyday people who don’t understand legal jargon, concepts, and the intricacies of case law. In order to help provide greater understanding and credibility, legal marketing teams are encouraging law firms to adopt “storytelling” to help bring a human face to the legal industry.

Legal marketing professionals know this concept works exceptionally well for female lawyers. In addition, by suggesting that attorneys add flexible work hours to their business strategies, legal marketing teams are seeing an increase in client satisfaction, which benefits everyone. Initiatives from Flex-Time Lawyers and Working Mother offer a “more balanced solution” to both legal professionals and their clients through this method.

Legal marketing teams encourage expressing compassion and care to address the needs of today’s society. As such, both male and female attorneys are encouraged by legal marketing experts to communicate through “stories” to increase greater understanding of legal issues as well as a sense of emotional attachment and concern.

These “stories” are actual case studies through which legal marketing teams and lawyers share with potential or existing clients other scenarios or examples of individuals who benefited from various legal services. Writes Paramjit Mahli, of Sun Communications Group, stories serve to “inspire, motivate and persuade” an audience to take action. Legal marketing experts encourage all law firms to buff up their communication skills to increase client loyalty, satisfaction and happiness.