Solo by Choice: How to be the lawyer you always wanted to be,by Carolyn Elefant, offers a lot of great legal marketing advice. The 300-page book offers legal marketing counsel beginning with the basics; such as tips on deciding if you want to remain a solo practitioner or expand your practice. Other interesting topics include: “legal marketing makes you a better lawyer’ and “law firm marketing gives you more control over your practice”. 

Sometimes Elefant points out the obvious, “The law is as much a business as it is a profession”; even then, though the author doles out good legal marketing advice.   When attorneys keep uppermost in their minds that they are, indeed, running a business, they will be unlikely to overlook the vast importance of legal marketing.   The author talks openly about the importance of building a client-centered practice and her tips on developing a good “bedside manner” are worth following. Most legal marketing professionals know much of this information, but sometimes forget to put it into practice. Tips include:

  • Listen
  • Explain
  • Don’t nickel and dime
  • Be responsive
  • Show interest
  • Thank clients for their cooperation.

This may seem like rudimentary legal marketing advice, but how often do attorneys forget to stick to the basics?

The book is a ‘good read’ and provides nuggets of proven law firm marketing strategies throughout. Elefant writes about the importance of focusing on the client’s needs rather than your own and offers insightful examples of how this basic legal marketing technique can lead to your firm’s increasing success.