When it comes to attorney marketing tools, blogging has presented itself as the premier opportunity in the 21st century to spread the word and generate interest in a multitude of business deals, and that goes for law firms and attorney websites too. In recent years, blogs have surpassed “high school and college students sharing experiences content” to incorporate attorney marketing endeavors. A key element to Internet marketing endeavors has included the use and enormous potential of blogging to reach vast audiences. Attorney marketing experts believe that blogging is one of the most essential methods used today to generate content, clients, and interest in the legal field.

One blogging website, Technorati, typically tracks over 100 million blogs on a daily basis. According to Valerie Miller’s own blog, blogging and online communities pays off in huge dividends. This goes for attorney marketingplans, law firms and professionals. Everyone is blogging these days. If you don’t have a blog, attorneys and law firms may be considered old-fashioned and out-of-touch with today’s consumers. Attorney marketing professionals suggest that every attorney website has a link to his or her own blog.

Blogging is one of the most successful, and simple, attorney marketing methods used today. Blogging helps attorney marketing increase interest and popularity in content and potential click-backs to attorney or law firm websites. Effective attorney marketing strategy means placing relevant and useful, informative content on websites, blogs, newsletters, and any other types of printed matter disseminated to the public at large.