For many a law firm, marketing is an after-thought. It is something to consider only after the business of serving your clients is finished. However, the real truth is that for firms that want to increase in size or that want to choose the clientele they serve, law firm marketing is essential.

I spoke recently with John Bisnar, principle for one of the top personal injury firms in the country and founder of And he said the turning point for his practice was when he and his partner restructured their business model to make law firm marketing a focus all its own.   

The trouble is that law firm marketing changes at a pace most people (attorneys included) are not aware of. Marketing strategies that worked five or more years ago may not give you the same return today. In fact, they may not give any return at all.

Social media is a great example of that phenomenon.

Where five years ago, the term didn’t even exist, today the likes of social networking sites LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are not so much common place – as they are the places where some of the best law firm marketing happens.

There are forums where lawyers can engage each other and potential clients one on one. They are place where you can see firsthand what your client base is concerned about, and what you can do to address those concerns.

There are also forums that can be leveraged to promote your firm, to attract precisely the kind of clients you desire, and even to increase the popularity of your web site.

In sum, law firm marketing must have a focus all its own if you want to increase the size of your firm. It must also keep pace with trends in marketing, such as social media. In my next blog, I will discuss some of the top social media available today.

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