#6. Send them a holiday card, but not on the major holidays like Christmas. Instead, try a Thanksgiving card or a St. Patrick’s Day card so it will stand apart.

#7. Set-up a Google alert for a topic of interest to your referral sources. For example, “tax law changes” for CPAs or “Los Angeles commercial real estate market update” for a commercial real estate.  (To find out how to do this, click here.)

#8. Ask them if they would like to receive your monthly newsletter or e-zine. Use www.ConstantContact.com to manage and send out your monthly electronic newsletter (e-zine). Send a copy to your referral sources (with their permission, of course.)

#9. Invite them to connect with you on www.LinkedIn.com. This powerful social media tool is a great way to stay connected to referral sources. Be sure to set-up a free account, fill in your profile information, and update your status. You can connect with me at: www.LinkedIn.com/in/StephenFairley. Just click the button “Add this person to your network” and I will accept your request. Also, be sure to check out the various groups for attorneys you can join. Use the “status update” to keep in front of people.

#10. Invite them to connect with you on www.Facebook.com. What started out as a teenage phenomenon has quickly budded into a marketing tool for small business owners. Set up a profile (it should be more personal and a little less professional than your LinkedIn profile) and start to add friends. Search for me on Facebook and request a friend add.


Are you trapped into working more and more, while enjoying your life less and less? There is a way out.  It’s called the Rainmaker Retreat. In this two-day marketing boot camp for small and solo law firms, you’ll learn valuable information and practical steps to take so you can better market your small or solo law practice. For more information or to sign-up for the next one, go to: www.RainmakerRetreat.com or call 1-888-588-5891.