In the past few years of my working with attorneys across the country, I’ve discovered that the legal marketing game has quickly changed.

Sadly, many attorneys are still playing the old game by the same old rules. No wonder they’re seeing fewer clients, making fewer dollars and witnessing the erosion of their practices.

That’s got to stop, now. So throughout this week, I’ll be equipping you with a new playbook, so that you can be a fiercer competitor in today’s crowded legal market place.

Let’s take a look at Rules #1 and 2, both the old and new.

Old Rule #1: More marketing will obtain more results. In the past, all you had to do was throw more money at marketing or advertising and you would see more results. But not any more.

New Rule #1: ROI rules. With the increased competition and level of sophistication in the legal marketing industry, to get ahead you must be faster, smarter, and more effective than your competitors.

Your ability to leverage Internet marketing and automatic parts of your marketing system will allow you to dominate larger firms with bigger budgets; however, every dollar must be accounted for and every effort must be measured for Return On Investment. You cannot afford to be indifferent.

Old Rule #2: Taking care of clients comes first.

New Rule #2: Take care of your business first or you won’t be in business to take care of your clients. Too many times lawyers focus solely on their clients without focusing on the bottom line. The result is devastating: not sending out invoices on time; not raising your rates for years; not actively cross-promoting other services your firm offers; and not staying connected with former clients. Everything rises and falls on leadership. You must be the one to lead the charge in shifting your firm’s culture from one of passivity into action orientation.

In my next post, we’ll be discussing Rules #3 and #4.


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