When it comes to legal marketing, I’m here to be a game-changer for you. Throughout this week, I’ll be equipping you with a new playbook, so that you can be a fiercer competitor in today’s crowded legal market place.

Today let’s take a look at Rules #3 and #4, both the old and new.

Old Rule #3: The law is a noble profession. In times past, it was enough for you to be excellent at your craft. New layers could invest the first decade of practice perfecting their pitch.

New Rule #3: Law is a business. As outside pressures narrow your focus on what is truly important (your survival) you must pay attention to the business of your practice and engender a culture of total participation driven by measurable results, where setting and achieving aggressive goals is paramount.

Old Rule #4: Mediocrity is acceptable . . . as long as they bill enough hours. Although no one openly states mediocrity is okay, far too many partners tacitly accept it; some believe it’s inevitable. I have head and seen firsthand the devastating effects the wrong office manager or receptionist can have on a small law firm. I have had clients who tolerated mediocre associates only to lose top accounts and lawsuits because of them.

New Rule #4: Superstars are the currency of the new economy. You have a limited number of positions to fill in your firm and you can only afford to retain superstars in every position. If you find a position filled with someone who is “good enough,” either eliminate the person or eliminate the position. You set the standard. You raise the bar. Excellence is the only attitude we allow. “Exceptional” is the “New Normal” in our firm.

In my next post, I’ll discuss Rule #5


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