In this blog post, I’m letting you peek behind the curtain. I will give you the steps involved in this law firm marketing system that has helped many a client increase business.

  • Identify several professions or industries that already have trusted relationships with your target market. 
  • Build or buy a database of potential referral sources ( and are two great list-building resources.). 
  • Focus on refining your Unique Competitive Advantage by answering this question: “Why should, someone hire me versus any of my competitors?”
  • Create a form letter that includes who you work with, how you are different and a personal invitation to get together to determine if/how you could work together. 
  • Send out 10 to 20 letters per week. 
  • Have your assistant call the people you sent letters to and determine their level of interest in connecting with you. 
  • Have your assistant set-up appointments for you over lunch or coffee. 
  • When you meet with prospective SRP’s (Strategic Referral Partners), find out more about their businesses and how you can help their clients. 
  • Ask compelling questions to let them know you are interested in building a mutually-beneficial referral relationship, and remember to ask the best question: “How would I know if the person I’m talking to would be a great referral for you?” 
  • Ask them if they would be willing to send you referrals. 
  • When possible, try to send them a referral in the next 30 days. 
  • Follow-up every 4 to 6 weeks to stay connected with them (Send them a letter, article of interest or one of your press releases.)


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