1. Identify 2-3 specific networking groups to attend.
  2. Indentify at least 1 “elite” group and attend 1-2 times per quarter.
  3. Refine your “audio logo.” (For a definition of audio logo and an example of one, see Wednesday’s post.)
  4. Develop 3-5 open-ended questions you can ask at a networking event.
  5. Join your local bar association.
  6. Join your local Chamber of Commerce.
  7. Attend 1-2 Industry-specific trade association meetings every month.
  8. Volunteer to sit on a non-profit’s board of directors.
  9. Join a formal leads group (like Business Networkers International.)
  10. Create a follow-up campaign consisting of emails, letters and phone calls.
  11. Use an Excel spreadsheet to track your results form various network events.
  12. Read Masters of Success and Masters of Networking by Ivan Misner.
  13. Set-up 1-2 informal networking lunches with colleagues every month.


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