Client satisfaction surveys are information gold mines. Through these surveys, you understand what your client thinks: about how you delivered your service; what you could have improved upon; what they actually gained from your service and what they really need from you.

Although this insight is vital, the benefits to client satisfaction surveys don’t stop there. You can use these insights to improve your law firm marketing. For example, by better understanding how your clients find services such as yours, you know more specifically how to promote your services to reach similar clients.

So here are some tips on creating effective client satisfaction surveys.

Who should conduct the survey

Preferably have your assistant or outside coach/consultant conduct the survey for you for a deeper level of honesty and better objectivity. Least preference is having the attorney responsible for the account conduct the survey.

Choice of formats

There is a strong preference for doing surveys either in person or over the phone. If conducted via email or letter, you need to reword the questions to be more quantitative (forced choice), not qualitative (open ended.)

Or you may choose to convert this survey into a law firm Internet marketing technique and use the online resource called “SurveyMonkey.” (

Some questions to ask

No matter what format you use, here are some good questions to ask in your survey:

***What was your first impression of the firm? Of your attorney?

***How were you initially treated during your first in-person meeting?

***What do you believe is our biggest strength?

***What do you believe is the area we need the most improvement on?

***Out of the following 5 areas, which ones do you anticipate needing in the next year?

***Were invoices sent out on a regular basis to you?

***Were you ever surprised by the amount on an invoice?

***What are the 2 ways we could better serve you?

***Would you recommend your friends or colleagues to hire us?

***Are they any other comments, suggestions, complaints, or concerns you would like to voice?

Some additional ways to use a client survey

You can use a survey:

  • During a meeting with a client.
  • At the end of a successful relationship (An “exit” interview.)
  • With current and former clients as a “keep in touch” technique.

When you conduct your next — or your first – client survey, I hope this information has helped you.


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