In the current economy and with the many changes that are going on around us we are likely to feel overwhelmed, panicked or stressed. Law firm Marketing can be affected by the choices you make in reaction to this stress.

Lynn Jarrett a life balance coach suggests that there are three foundational strategies to help manage the stresses in your law firm that can lead to burnout in your professional life and problems in your personal life as well. I would like to comment on each of them.

1. Set Priorities-The “riches are in the niches” so the saying goes. When you know exactly whom you truly enjoy as a client, focus where you would find them instead of marketing to all the masses. More focused marketing will bring greater results.

I suggest taking this strategy to heart. Many Lawyer marketing mistakes include trying to be everything to everyone. Your Law Firm Marketing plan should be specific. When Marketing your law firm be clear on who you target and what services you want to focus on providing them. Starting with this one simple step can free up a great deal of energy spent worrying.

2. Establish Boundaries –Whether you’re a solo lawyer or a partner in a small firm, it’s very easy to get caught up in believing that success or failure rests solely on you. From the very beginning of your practice, it’s crucial to understand where your talent and wisdom end and where another person’s expertise begins, making your job easier.

In last weeks blog post we talked about Delegation. Not only is Delegation key to your financial success but it is crucial to your personal well being and state of mind. Delegate! Your Law firms marketing success depends on it.

3. Know Your Purpose- Once you’ve established priorities by targeting a niche, allowing you to set boundaries naturally, you then can focus on the purpose of your role as a lawyer: helping people.

Lynn suggests that you think about what you enjoy most about practicing law. Re-discover or discover the true motivators in your career and where you find your purpose. Look at the areas that you have the most passion for and integrate your conclusions as you are marketing your law firm.



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