Not testing your marketing efforts is like going through an entire jury trial but neglecting to hear the verdict. Here’s a great little litmus test to apply to your lawyer marketing efforts:

If you can’t measure it, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

I recommend you try to measure your every marketing effort and if you can’t measure it, you probably shouldn’t be doing it because you can never be sure about your results other than basing them on a feeling or your intuition.

In marketing for attorneys – Every marketing effort you make should have at least one to two things you are testing. For example:

Let’s say you own an accounting firm and you want to do some direct mailings. You decide as part of your marketing plan to send out 1000 postcards to prospects on your mailing list to invite them to contact you.

Develop two postcards with two different headlines:

Postcard 1 says: “Every year most small business owners overpay 22% on their federal taxes due to errors made by their accountant. Call today for your FREE report on 10 common mistakes accountants make that cost you money.”

Postcard 2 says: “Last year the IRS conducted audits on 425,729 small businesses that cost the average owner 276 hours of their time and $9, 223 in legal and accounting fees. Call today to receive your free 75 question checklist and how to audit-proof your business in 5 easy


Then divide your mailing list into two groups of 500 each and track the results by putting a different code word on the bottom of each group of postcards. When prospects contact you to receive their free report ask them for the code word to track which headline produces better results.

You can use a similar strategy for many different marketing tactics. For example, if you’re offering a discount for your product in a newspaper ad—try offering a percent off the retail price for two months, then try offering a specific dollar amount off for two months and track the results. Or if you use email and law firm Internet marketing strategies, create two different landing pages on your law firm websites with two different offers and see which one “pulls in” more prospects to your email list.

Always look for ways you can test your efforts, but don’t introduce too many variables at once because if you’re trying to measure three or more variables you can never be sure which one is responsible for the results.


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