Previously, I discussed selecting the most effective legal marketing techniques to boost your law firm marketing plan.  The techniques include referrals, speaking engagements, networking, online presence, public relations, promotional events and advertising.  This post explores the benefits of speaking engagements and presentations in your law firm marketing strategy.

Public presentations, workshops, professional seminars, speaking for associations, or serving on a panel as an expert can be a phenomenal law firm marketing strategy to land new business.
In fact, depending on your target market and specific product or service, it is often the 2nd most effective legal marketing technique to land new business other than referrals.

There are some attorneys who have become so good at speaking that it has become their #1 legal marketing method of finding new clients. You must identify what groups your Ideal Target Market attend and start targeting them for your presentations.

Select the right venue based on your experience, skills, and abilities:

  • Moderator of a panel (either of 3-5 partners in the firm or 3-5 different professionals)
  • An expert on a panel discussion
  • Teleseminar format (over a conference bridge line)
  • Small, private, client-only seminars
  • Joint venture with an organization or company who serves a similar market (small community bank, group of financial planners, chamber of commerce, networking group, accounting firm, business consultant, psychologist, chiropractic group, employee benefits company)
  • Give a presentation or keynote to a trade association (135,000 trade associations in USA; see the Encyclopedia of Associations for details)
  • Public seminars (usually free, but may charge money if for businesses)

Make the talk educational
A common misconception is that if you tell your audience too much information they won’t hire you. In reality, the average person usually thinks, “Wow, if this attorney was able to share that much information with me in just 45 minutes, imagine how much more they have to offer.”

Remember, there is a huge difference between having the information to do something and actually having the time or competence to do it.

For example, tell them how to distinguish a good attorney from a bad one. Give them the questions they need to ask to make an informed decision—and make sure YOU are the answer to those questions.

A couple other tips that can boost your law firm marketing via presentations and speaking engagements.

• Get the attendees contact information BEFORE your presentation

• Develop your Follow Up Strategy BEFORE the presentation or seminar

Having both of these strategies thought ahead of your presentation will make your law firm marketing strategy much easier to implement.  Remember, time is of the essence in follow-up, so design your strategy to move quickly.

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