Part of a series – Create Your 2010 Law Firm Marketing Plan in 5 Simple Steps: Step 4.1
Previous entries detailed steps including creating a niche, conducting a SWOT analysis, and creating a Unique Competitive Advantage for your law firm.  This post continues this series

Here is where you list all of the different law firm internet marketing techniques and legal marketing strategies you will use to identify prospects and land new clients.
The good news is that there are only 7 different strategies you can use. Also, depending on:

  •  your practice area
  •  your target market
  •  your financial resources
  •  your geographical location

and other variables, some will invariably be more or less effective for you.  The strategies are ranked in order of more effective to less effective in finding prospects and converting them to clients.

  1. Referrals: from strategic partners, existing and former clients, friends, family members, other lawyers, legal referral sources, & business assoc
  2. Speaking & Seminars: formal presentations, workshops, seminars, speaking for associations  and organizations.
  3. Formal/Informal Networking: connecting with centers of influence, professional associations, chambers of commerce, clubs, trade association meetings, or formal lead groups.
  4. An Online Presence: websites, article marketing, blogs, pay-per-click, ezines, autoresponders, newsletters, and opt-in lists.
  5. Press Releases & Media Placement: online press releases, writing articles or columns for local newspapers, trade magazines, professional journals; offering an advice column; being a content expert for the media; television, radio, trade association magazines, or newspaper interviews.
  6. Promotional Events: participating in trade shows, sponsoring a public event like a marathon, participating in a charity event, sending out partnership announcements, or having an “open house” to publicize your new offices.
  7. Advertising: in the yellow pages, newspapers, magazines, or trade journals; fax or email campaigns; ads in business directories, or on radio or TV, and internet based ads.

Subsequent posts will explore each of these law firm marketing techniques and explain the strengths and weaknesses of each technique.  As you are building your law firm internet marketing plan, use the information presented here to assist you in selecting the most effective legal marketing strategies.
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