Previously, I discussed selecting the most effective legal marketing techniques to boost your law firm marketing plan.  The techniques include referrals, speaking engagements, networking, online presence, public relations, promotional events and advertising.  This post explores the benefits of your website and blog in your law firm marketing strategy.

Your online presence is vital to your law firm marketing efforts.  There are many ways to create an online identity including websites, blogs, and social media like, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Your online presence generally is designed to work with your online legal marketing efforts to get prospects to take action by either: contacting you, requesting information from you, setting up an appointment with you, or hiring you. This strategy typically requires the most money to implement.

Here are some keys to remember when building your website:

Design One Main Corporate Website

Then create multiple Mini, Practice Specific Websites

For example, a business law firm practice’s online presence might look like this:

  • Specific Sites: business litigation, registered agent site, employment law, commercial real estate, mediation

A personal injury law firm practice might have the following sites as part of their online presence:

  • Specific Sites: auto accidents, construction accidents, SUV accidents, dog bites, specific product liability lawsuits

Focus Each Website on a Specific Target, Practice Area or Geographical Location

Create and Promote your own Blog

According to blog search engine Technorati, five years ago there were two million blogs on the web. Today there are more than 112 million!

Blogs (short for “weblogs”) are a simple way for anyone to post new content in an easy-to-read web site format with the newest information always on top.

But how can a blog benefit your business? Your blog can boost your ranking in the search engines, increase your traffic, and improve your credibility — ALL of which will ultimately lead to more sales!

80% of journalists now search blogs to find experts for stories

Components of a successful blog:
1. Highly targeted, well branded.
2. Provides quality content that solves your prospects challenges.
3. Publish your blog constantly and consistently: 2 to 4 times per week
4. Write in relation to the most popular current events.
5. Register your blog in directories and promote actively.

Top blog directory:
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