Most small and solo law firm marketers are caught up in the day to day activities of making sure everything remains running smoothly. They are very good at Tactical Behavior.  However, what they don’t realize is that this same flurry of constant activity that they believe has led to their current success is the same thing that hinders them from reaching the next level of success.

To continue to achieve higher levels of success you must invest time thinking strategically about how to grow your business.  Your law firm marketing plan must reflect both the tactical and strategic vision necessary to sustaining business growth.

A typical example is a labor and employment law attorney who attended one of our Rainmaker Retreats.  He took the strategic ideas of building his web presence and went back to his practice and implemented them.  When I saw him six months later, he told me he had achieved a 1600% return on his investment.  You can hear him in his own words here.

This small business was able to achieve this kind of success because the owner moved from just focusing on the day-to-day tactical activities and started thinking strategically about how to grow his business and then executed brilliantly on the growth plan.

You need to do both, it’s not an either or. You need to both think strategically, because it gives you insight into where you are and where you need to go, while executing the plan tactically.  Your law firm marketing plan needs to have both of those elements designed to work in harmony if you want to be as successful as possible.

Insight is not enough because insight without action leads to frustration and failure.
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