Are you looking for a way to fulfill your New Year’s resolution to become more effective in how you spend your legal marketing budget?  Do you need guidance and motivation to compose a comprehensive law firm marketing plan?  I have a suggestion for you.  Come to one of the upcoming Rainmaker Retreats.

The Rainmaker Retreat is a 2-day marketing boot camp for attorneys. Attendees at previous Rainmaker Retreats have come away with many new ideas and actionable legal marketing strategies that they can take home and implement right away.

This spring, we have a number of Rainmaker Retreats scheduled, and more in the planning stages. The current schedule of Rainmaker Retreats is:

Scottsdale, AZ   March 19-20
Roseland, NJ   March 26-27
Las Vegas, NV  April 9-10
Los Angeles, CA  April 16-17

These are just a few of the attorney marketing techniques you will learn:

  • 5 Proven Attorney Marketing Strategies to Get More Attention, Command More Respect and Charge Higher Fees
  • How to Ethically Position Yourself as a Specialist in your Area
  • How to Avoid the Most Deadly Mistake Attorneys Make in Attorney Marketing
  • More than 22 proven legal marketing strategies to attract more and better clients
  • How to create powerful relationships with over 30 new Referral Sources in the next 90 days
  • 5 Ways to automate your legal marketing using technology and the internet
  • 7 ways to find more clients fast and how to select the best ones for you
  • 2 ways to promote your firm to 100,000 people for only $100
  • 6 secrets top Rainmakers use to dominate their competition

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to put your firm on the path to greater success; register today to reserve your place at the Rainmaker Retreat.


We would like to send you a DVD of your colleagues (and even your competitors) describing their experiences at the 2 day Rainmaker Retreat. Yes, we know you are skeptical (we wouldn’t have it any other way).   So instead of us telling you how these 2 days will transform your business, we will let our clients do the telling. Click here to order your complimentary DVD right now.