Law firm marketing may seem like a dry, tedious exercise.  But it’s not!  Taking ideas of how to grow a business into the entity that you dreamed it would be when you started out is exciting to people. That is why we have Rainmaker Retreats; to help people catch the excitement of making their dreams come true.  We provide the information and actionable steps.  You develop them into a coherent legal marketing strategy that takes your business to the level you want it to attain.

To help you understand a little better what goes on at a Rainmaker Retreat, we have listed here for you the Top Ten things said by presenters and attendees at Rainmaker Retreats.

<drumroll please>

10. “This really isn’t as complicated as I thought it was.”
9. (sound of head slapping) “Why didn’t I think of that?”
8. “Done is better than perfect.”
7. “If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail to you.”
6. “I learned more about legal marketing in 36 hours at a Rainmaker Retreat than I did in all my years of law school.”
5. “I can start implementing this as soon as I get home!”
4. “A good employee can either make the company money or save the company money.  A superstar employee will do both.”
3. “Two days with Stephen Fairley is better than any deposition.”
2. “The information is so powerful that you are tempted to leave the retreat after a few hours to begin implementing what you have learned.”

And the number 1 thing overheard at a Rainmaker Retreat is…..

1. “The Fortune is in the Follow-up!”

I encourage you to sign up for one of our upcoming Rainmaker Retreats.  There are early-bird discounts available, as well as VIP coaching.  It is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

If you are unsure about attending a Rainmaker Retreat, join one of our complimentary teleseminars to get a preview of a Rainmaker Retreat.

We have teleseminars scheduled:

Wednesday, March 3
1-2pm Pacific | 2-3pm Mountain | 3-4pm Central | 4-5pm Eastern
Thursday, March 4
4-5pm Pacific | 5-6pm Mountain | 6-7pm Central | 7-8pm Eastern
Tuesday, March 9
1-2pm Pacific | 2-3pm Mountain | 3-4pm Central | 4-5pm Eastern

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2010 Rainmaker Retreat Dates are set!

Are you looking for a way to fulfill your New Year’s resolution to become more effective in how you spend your legal marketing budget?  Do you need guidance and motivation to compose a comprehensive law firm marketing plan?  I have a suggestion for you.  Come to one of the upcoming Rainmaker Retreats.

The Rainmaker Retreat is a 2-day marketing boot camp for attorneys. Attendees at previous Rainmaker Retreats have come away with many new ideas and actionable legal marketing strategies that they can take home and implement right away.

This spring, we have a number of Rainmaker Retreats scheduled, and more in the planning stages. The current schedule of Rainmaker Retreats is:

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