When you, as a business owner, are looking to maximize the return on your legal marketing dollars, you need to be aware of how your business vision and goals influence your law firm marketing strategy.  You also need to be aware of how your law firm marketing strategy can help you achieve your business vision and goals.  To help you with that, here are the second set of questions to help you with the vision and goal setting process.

  • What is the 30,000 foot view of your law firm? – You, as the firm owner, have the ability to see things that your staff will not see.  Your viewpoint allows you see the chess pieces and look several moves ahead.  Use that vision to ensure that you are still moving toward your goal.
  • What does a “lifestyle law firm” mean to you? – When you started your firm, you had a dream of what your firm would look like.  You had goals of a certain income level, a particular staff size, or the ability to have an increased amount of time off to travel.  Is your firm on track to help you meet those goals?
  • Do you have an action orientation? – Do you take action.  “Action kills fear!” Simon Adderley – If you take what you learn and do nothing with it the information is useless. The most successful people in the world take action now.  They don’t wait for some sequential order, they do everything all at once.

As you review your law firm marketing plan, keep these questions in mind.  They can help you adjust your legal marketing strategies to keep your plans moving in the direction of your goals.  After all, that is why you opened your firm, isn’t it?
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