March Madness is upon us.  Office productivity has taken its seasonal dip as employees call in sick and spend work time scanning the internet to keep up with the progress of their NCAA basketball tournament brackets.  This is a good time to assess whether your legal marketing strategy is more sound than your game-picking strategy.

Some people are casual fans and spend little time and effort filling out their brackets.  Others spend long hours watching games, watching the “bracketology” experts on television, and researching injury reports before they fill out their brackets.

Their thorough preparation gives them an advantage over those who just pick schools based on rankings or their reputation from previous years.  Last year’s national champion didn’t even make the tournament, which is ample evidence that situations can change quickly in a year.

When you are putting your law firm marketing strategy together, take the time to research like a NCAA tournament coach, not a bracket picker.  Research the oppositionKnow the situations.  Try to anticipate the ebb and flow and prepare your team for several different contingencies.  Be quick on your feet with a strong game plan.  Then you will be prepared for the marathon that is the tournament.

Legal marketing isn’t a guessing game.  It is a disciplined effort that has a goal in mind from the outset.  Design your law firm marketing plan with that goal in mind. Execute your plan to perfection.  Then you can taste the sweetness of success.

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