Today, everyone is Irish.  Regardless of your country of origin, today is the day to celebrate the wearing of the green.  Irish lore, blarney stones, leprechauns and 4-leafed clovers are the topic of the day.

Before the festivities get out of hand, let me offer this caution.  The luck of the Irish is all well and good, but don’t count on it to deliver the results you seek in your law firm marketing plan.  Luck is for wishing.  Plans are for creating systems that deliver measurable results that will move you toward your goal.

Too many people plan lightly and hope for the best.  It’s akin to using lottery tickets as a retirement plan.  You cannot leave to luck and chance those things that are necessary to ensuring that you achieve the levels of success that you desire for your firm.  Luck , wishing and hoping are lots of fun, but they don’t bring home the bacon.

So on this St. Patrick’s Day, enjoy the festivities however you choose.  Maybe you should consider adding a Rainmaker Retreat into your plans. Whatever you choose to do, please remember that sound planning, timely execution, and hard work are what will bring you to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Not a plant or a small man in a green suit.

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