This week is a holy season to two of the world’s great religions – Christianity and Judaism. It is a time of reflection from things that distract people from their “mission in life.”  It is also a good time for you to reflect upon your own mission, the “mission” of your law firm, and the law firm marketing strategies you have set in place to help you achieve your mission

For the Jewish faith, this week commemorates the Passover.

For Christians, this is Holy Week leading to Easter.

What do these have to do with law firm marketing?  They are holidays of remembrance: recall the past, learn from it and use the lessons to refocus on what’s most important. Both Moses and Jesus focused on their mission while avoiding distractions that could have taken their eyes off of the ultimate goal.

You face similar challenges with your legal marketing mission.  There are many things that can distract you from your goals, and you need that same focus on your mission if you are to achieve the business and personal goals you have set.

Every week I speak to attorneys who have bought into the myth that their primary roles and responsibilities are, in order:
(1) To be a “billing machine” for their law firm.
(2) To be the administrator or fireman in the firm
(3) If they have any time left over, to meet with prospects.

This is completely reversed!

As a partner or owner of your law firm, your primary role and responsibility is to be the Rainmaker for the firm—not the technician billing clients and certainly not handling the “administrivia.” Technicians (lawyers who can bill clients) are easily found, but true Rainmakers are difficult to replace. (For those of you who are not partners in your law firm, here’s the one key you need to become “irreplaceable”: learn the skills of being a powerful Rainmaker).

While you are reflecting this week, take time to reflect on your legal marketing strategies and ask yourself if you have taken your eyes off of your goals (or if you have let others distract you from your goals). If you have, make it your task this week to refocus on your law firm marketing plan and avoid the distractions that can move your focus onto things that will not move you toward your goals.

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