Last weekend a group of attorneys eager to take their legal marketing strategies to the next level gathered in Los Angeles for our Rainmaker Retreat.

The interest and spirits were high and the ideas flowed hot and heavy during the discussion sessions. From the testimonials we received from the participants, the information was exactly what they needed and were looking for.

Listen to the words of those who were with us in Los Angles:

“I haven’t been this excited in a long time to go to work and implement the knowledge I received today. The Rainmaker Retreat has given me more tools in 2 days than I could have imagined.” – Leatrice Kitchell

“Fantastic seminar! The presentation materials and subject matter are all obviously top quality and incredibly valuable. I feel like I got the secret keys to the kingdom.” – Mark Peacock, Solo Practitioner

“I used to think the only way you became a Rainmaker was to become old, get lucky, or become a member of an old boys’ network. Stephen has taught me to think, plan and execute to become a Rainmaker.” – Amman Khan, Partner

“Amazing program. So much information. Fantastic job.” – Ed Susolik, Partner

As you can see, those who attend a Rainmaker Retreat are not only pleased with the information they receive, they are also eager to put it to use in their law firm marketing plans.  If you haven’t attended one of our Rainmaker Retreats, here is our upcoming summer schedule:

Your law firm marketing plans will benefit greatly from joining us at a Rainmaker Retreat.  Just click on the location of your choice and register today.


Unsure about attending a Rainmaker Retreat?
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