The crowd at last weekend’s Rainmaker Retreat was revved up to turbo charge their law firm marketing plans and take their practice to the next level.  Even though each Rainmaker Retreat is slightly different, customized to meet the needs of actual attendees, one thing remains the same—attorneys who attend the Rainmaker Retreat law firm marketing boot camp leave with over 62 proven tools they can immediately use to generate more and better referrals and increase their revenues!

The overwhelming majority of attorneys who attend are partners or owners of small law firms or are in solo practice. Many of whom wisely bring a staff member who can then help them implement their legal marketing plan. They are all highly-motivated individuals passionate about improving their legal marketing strategies.

One of the shifts many attorneys experience is the mindset of moving from having a practice to owning a business. Many attorneys initially have the belief that can be summed up as, “I’m an attorney who just happens to be in a practice. Law is a profession and therefore does not need to be marketed like other businesses.”

By the time they leave, these same attorneys have often experienced a mind shift towards, “I’m a business owner who just happens to practice law and while the application may be slightly different, the ‘rules of marketing’ apply to my business just like they do every other business.”

If you haven’t ever attended a Rainmaker Retreat, I encourage you to add one of our upcoming Rainmaker Retreats into your schedule. I guarantee it will be the best 2 days you have ever spent learning how to grow your law business! In addition to our upcoming retreat this weekend in Las Angeles, our current schedule of Rainmaker Retreats includes:

If you are still unsure about attending, read the words of some of the attorneys who attended the recent Las Vegas Rainmaker Retreat.

“The program was fast paced, loaded with content and, unlike many seminars, commanded constant and undivided attention. I now feel I have specific steps to take besides waiting for the phone to ring.”
– Michael Hickman, Partner

“This course exceeded my expectations, doubly exceeded my cynicism, and made me feel I was wasting big bucks taking a restroom break.”
– William Bachrach, Partner

“Worth every minute and every dollar. A new world for business development.”
– Joseph George, Jr., Partner

Come and find out for yourself how the Rainmaker Retreat can change your legal marketing in ways you could not imagine.  The time and money you invest will be recouped far more quickly than you can imagine.
Complimentary Rainmaker Retreat Preview DVD is Available
We would like to send you a DVD of your colleagues (and even your competitors) describing their experiences at the 2 day Rainmaker Retreat. Yes, we know you are skeptical (we wouldn’t have it any other way).   So instead of us telling you how these 2 days will transform your business, we will let our clients do the telling.

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