Spring is nature’s time of renewal.  The grey of winter is gone, the snow has melted and the landscape burst forth in a frenzy of blooms, colors and new growth. Spring is also when many people move their exercise programs outside to take in the sights and sounds of the birds that have returned.  It’s also a good time to give your law firm marketing strategies a shot of energy.

Legal marketing can kick into the next gear now that taxes are done, the winter is over, and spring break has passed with the family vacations.  There is a window from now until summer where people tend to really buckle down at work ahead of the summer vacation season.

Spring is when the dead is pruned and cast away, and new growth is nurtured.  If you have elements of your law firm marketing plan that need pruning, now is the time to do so.  If you have staff who could use a little fertilizer boost in the form of training and motivation, invest in it.  Growth doesn’t come from tired and worn out soil.

Now is a good time, if you haven’t done so already, to get your referral source visits scheduled, and make time work on the human side of your legal marketing plan.  If you are a golfer, combine your passion for golf with a referral source.  A few hours on the links relaxing and playing a game you both love is a great way to invest in a referral source.

There is an energy, a buzz, to spring.  Let that energy infuse your office and staff and energize your efforts to build your practice to the level you dreamed of when you started.  The dreary doldrums of winter are gone, and the dog days of summer are not yet upon us.  This is the perfect time to seize the moment and join in with the renewal that nature is displaying. Review your law firm marketing plan and strategies and see where you need to prune, cultivate and fertilize.  Then get growing!
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