Market research is one of those tasks that many people think they only have to do when they launch their law firm and are writing their law firm marketing plan.  But the most successful legal marketers are regularly performing market research to determine what the market looks like and what changes have occurred since their last review of the market.

There are two types of market research – primary and secondary.  Primary is focused on your firm, your practice areas, and your target market(s). Primary is generally more expensive than secondary research, but the results are more tailored to your firm.  If you can afford primary research, it is a good option.

Secondary research is generally less expensive and not as focused on you and your firm, but more focused on the industry.  The good news about secondary research is that there is an abundance of information available.

That is also the bad news.  You will spend part of your research time sorting the wheat from the chaff when you are performing secondary research.
Some good sources of secondary research are:

  • Studies from Bar associations
  • White papers from conferences on your particular area of expertise
  • Marketing trend studies from legal trade groups
  • News release on your subject area
  • Reports from research firms that conduct primary research

Many of these sources can be accessed via the internet, at little or no cost to you.  Start with the organizations where you hold a membership such as your local and state bar association, the American Bar Association, any specialty groups you belong to such as the American Bankruptcy Institute etc.

These groups will have a great deal of information available on their websites that will allow you to create and update your law firm marketing plan with the latest legal marketing strategies with reports from the front lines.  You will still need to sift the data to find that which is most useful to you, but you can benefit from research that someone else has paid for as you craft your legal marketing plan.


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