As you review the systems your law firm must have to be successful, pay particular attention to your law firm marketing plan and the systems that support it. A well-designed plan is practically useless if you do not have strong systems to support the legal marketing strategies in your plan.

Here are some tips from Richard Strauch, COO of The Rainmaker Institute, on how you can develop systems that will make your law firm marketing efforts more effective.

First, create a written 12 month marketing plan for your law firm.  Take the time to systematically look at all of your plans for the next year and review them in sequence.  Does the order of events make sense? Do the strategies build on each other?  Does your plan have an inherent coherence that is easily discernable?  Is your plan comprehensive, or are there gaps in your plan in the audiences being targeted and the techniques being used.

Second, develop processes and procedures to capture major marketing metrics and data.  Your plan should be able to identify all of your target audiences, the key influencers to those audiences, and your effectiveness in reaching them.  You should be able to track the conversion rate of prospects to clients, the response percentage to your marketing messages, and who is responding to your messaging.

Third, identify major lead sources and create tracking mechanisms to measure results.  Who is sending you business?  If you can’t answer that question, you do not have a handle on your lead and referral sources.  Tracking the frequency of your referral source meetings and the number of referrals generated is a very basic measure that you should have access to.  There are many other measures of your lead and referral sources that you can include in your law firm marketing plan.

A well-designed legal marketing plan can take your firm from the level where you are to the level where you want to be. It takes planning and follow-through, but it is achievable once you have a strong plan and measurement system.
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