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Disclaimer: When I use the word “expert” or “specialist” in this series, I’m not talking in the legal or ethical sense, but in the marketing sense where the goal is to get media and/or prospects to perceive you as an expert or specialist.

How many times have you read a news item quoting a competitor and thought, “I know more than that guy!  Why are they interviewing him?”

I’m going to tell you why by sharing with you some of the strategies that top Rainmakers use all across the country to position themselves as leading experts in their market area.

The first key to becoming a recognized expert is the strategic use of Press Releases.

There are a number of fallacies or myths about press releases. One is that press releases just don’t work for small law firms.  We beg to differ.

We recently had a small law firm that sent out their very first press release on the hot topic of identity theft.  A major newspaper picked it up and they got interviewed for the article.

Because of that article, they landed dozens of new clients over a 30-day period and the newspaper even called them one of the leading Southern California lawyers on identity theft. Those are things you just can’t buy – and it happened from a press release.

There is another reason to use press releases and this is one that is incredibly powerful:  to boost your online presence.

Google loves press releases and we’ve been able to use that to get fantastic results. I’ve literally issued a press release at 9 a.m., and by 5 p.m. the press release has already been indexed by Google and shown up within the top 10-20 positions.

Now you may be thinking, what do I write it about? It could be about a number of different things:

  • Commentary on current news events
  • Legal decisions that potentially affect your community
  • Results of a poll or a survey you conduct among clients
  • Firm news such as new associates, awards, community involvement, etc.

You want to make sure that there is an angle to it and that there’s something that’s different. In fact, some of the best coverage we’ve gotten from press releases has been when we’ve taken a contrarian view.

For attorneys we coach in our Practice Made Perfect program, we recommend at least one press release per month. If you’re a growing practice, then we recommend that you distribute two, three, even four a month to really jumpstart your online marketing efforts.


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