Email marketing is a great way to keep current clients informed about your practice as well as a great way to introduce your legal services to prospects. 

The first step in a successful email marketing campaign is to build a good list.  Here are some tips on building an email list for marketing your practice:

Home Page Sign-up
Have an area on the home page of your website dedicated solely to enticing people to sign up for something.  Having a regular newsletter to send is always a good idea, but you can also ask people to sign up for information on legal developments or offer a monthly free consultation.  Whatever it is, it needs to be of value to your customers, not just to you.

Ask to Add
When you attend networking events, meetings or trade shows – wherever you are likely to meet potential new clients or are gathering business cards – ask those you meet if you can add them to your mailing list, to send them a newsletter or special offers.

Association Lists
If you are a member of any trade or community organizations, ask if you can have access to their membership list.  Many offer membership lists to members for free; some are available for a fee.

Reciprocal plugs
Find other newsletters that you think your customers would enjoy and ask if they’ll promote your newsletter if you do the same for them.

Buy a List
There are quite a few online resources that offer lists for sale sorted by zip code, demographics, income, lifestyle interests, buying behavior, etc.   You can purchase a really targeted list based on your ideal client profile and use it to test a variety of promotions or special offers.

Building an email list that will help you drive traffic to your website is an integral part of a well-rounded online law firm marketing program, and one of the many helpful tools you’ll learn about at any of our Rainmaker Retreats.

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