Woke up this morning to some great news from my friends at JD Supra – great for them, great for those of us who believe in the power of social media when it comes to legal marketing.

Last night LinkedIn launched its Legal Updates application powered by JD Supra content, calling it the “World’s Largest Legal Content Distribution Network.”

The Legal Updates application distributes a feed of expert commentary and guidance as well as legal news tailored to the professional interests of LinkedIn members.  Currently, Legal Updates is the only application for distribution of professional legal content and information available on LinkedIn. 

It is free to LinkedIn members (which currently number 70 million) and is available now at http://bit.ly/c8JRjh.

As you may know, LinkedIn is the dominant social networking site for professionals, and has been extremely selective in making outside applications available on its network.  For instance, the iPhone has more than 200,000 apps available, while LinkedIn has only 16 that come from trusted names like Google, Amazon and Twitter.

JD Supra’s Legal Updates application is widely seen as a game-changer for how lawyers will use LinkedIn to market their expertise (the current installation rate for the application is about one every minute since it went live overnight).

JD Supra’s Legal Updates application gives legal professionals a compelling platform to communicate their expertise not only to their own list of LinkedIn contacts but beyond to LinkedIn’s entire network of 70 million professionals across a range of fields, including Insurance, Banking, Tech, Real Estate, HR, and more.

LinkedIn’s 70 million members can receive custom-tailored, fully editable content feeds based on their industry and areas of interest.  Real estate professionals get updates on real estate law; HR professionals get updates on HR law, etc.

To read more about this exciting legal marketing opportunity, click here for the announcement press release.

You can also learn more by signing up for an online demo of the new app on Wednesday, July 22 at 1 p.m. ET.  To register, visit http://bit.ly/9NOeuL.

Can’t wait?  To watch an instructional how-to video, visit http://bit.ly/bDvX2x.  That’s where I’ll be with my morning coffee.

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